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Qfiniti Customer Interactions Suite

Improving customer interaction performance and efficiency requires the business to optimize its people, processes and technology while reducing costs in the contact centre. To meet these goals, contact centre and IT managers must work together to eliminate complex processes and consolidate multiple and disparate systems into a single, unified solution.

Qfiniti is an integrated customer interaction suite that enables contact centre supervisors to measure, improve and track performance and manage all contact centre data through a centralized system. Qfiniti allows users to monitor a wide range of metrics, such as customer satisfaction levels, quality, compliance, agent skills and customer trends all from a single interface and deploy performance assessments and effective training directly to the agent’s desktop.

This full suite of contact centre tools works together in a seamless flow to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of service being delivered. The Qfiniti suite includes a full range of components to provide the industry’s most comprehensive suite for contact centre management and optimization.

Autonomy’s Qfiniti Customer Interaction Suite includes:

  • Quality Monitoring – automated interaction recording and playback that streamlines complicated monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Interaction Analysis – the ability to process speech and text interactions based on their conceptual meaning to extract business intelligence
  • Performance Management – tools for assessing, improving and tracking performance in the contact centre
  • Agent Performance Evaluations – online evaluations that help quickly identify coaching opportunities
  • Agent Training and Coaching – online training tools and integrated coaching features supplement classroom and one-on-one training programs
  • Post Call Customer Surveys – automated customer surveys directly following a service interaction that provides direct and immediate feedback to the organization

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