Work Force Management

TotalView Workforce Management

IEX’s TotalView Workforce Management software provides a centralized platform for optimizing the performance of your contact centre. It helps your centre forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively. It supplies real-time information to let you better manage the performance of your people and your operation. It integrates data seamlessly across your enterprise and automates many time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

TotalView Workforce Management software gives your contact centre just what its name promises: total visibility into every area of your operation. Visibility you need to deliver customer-winning service at the lowest possible operating cost.

IEX’s TotalView Workforce Management software includes:

  • Forecasting and Planning – based upon patented, self adjusting algorithms, generates forecasts including in multi-channel and multi-skills based routing environments; provides planning and what-if analysis
  • Scheduling and Intraday Management – generates schedules based on rules you choose from, automatically provides updates on changing conditions within the day and allows you to predict or perform what-if analysis for the future
  • Multi-site Management – a single cohesive view of the entire enterprise and the ability to plan, forecast schedule and manage change across multiple locations, even outsourced operations
  • Vacation and Holiday Planning – automates vacation, holiday and other time-off planning, as well as online bidding capabilities
  • Schedule Adherence – real-time ad historical tracking of agents’ adherence to schedules helping you reduce wasted time while improving performance
  • Web Access – Web-based, thin client visibility into and access to TotalView for agents and supervisors
  • Performance Management – provides your personnel (agents, managers, and executives) visibility into your centre’s overall performance with pre-built scorecards, dashboards and reports

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