NEC Univerge Bridge

Protect your investment, and expand your capabilities, quickly and easily. Leading cloud based solutions from Meteor Telecom and NEC Canada.

Smart Talk – A Canadian-Made Solution!

Smart Talk is available not only in the Toronto GTA, but across Canada, meaning you have mobility no matter where you live or travel to, anywhere, any time, on any mobile IOS or Android device.

What Types of Cable Does My Small Business Need for IP and VOIP?

Given the rush by Bell, Telus, Rogers, and others in the race towards making copper obsolete, and upgrading their networks to multi-gigabyte speeds, Small Businesses are facing a serious challenge. Whether you are in Toronto or across Canada, this will apply

Who’s Servicing your Phone System: Why Credentials Matter

It’s never easy finding the right company to handle your telecommunications, just because it’s so difficult to know what really matters when it comes to experience and credentials. Some businesses waste thousands of dollars dealing with companies that have no clue what they’re doing, and certainly don’t have their best interests at heart.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade your Phone System

Traditional phone lines are still the primary means of communication for a large number of businesses, used more often than fax machines, skype, and even computers. Other than speaking in person, nothing can beat a direct telephone call, just because it’s so easy and immediate.

The Best Uses for Unified Communications

Unified Communications is about much more than just the telephone system that your office uses; it encompasses almost all office communications, spread out over a wide range of devices and communications networks.