Care Homes and Elder Care

Care Homes & Elder Care

At Meteor Telecom, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient communication within care homes and elder care. As a leading provider of cutting-edge phone systems and communication services, we are dedicated to enhancing connectivity, safety, and convenience for residents and staff alike.

From automated daily menu updates via Voice or Text, activity updates on any device directly to your guests, our Smart Talk phone system can do it all, provide savings to your residence, and provide any technical service you may require to support the system.

Our Comprehensive Product and Service Portfolio:

Phone Systems. Hosted and Premise:

Elevate your communication experience with our state-of-the-art phone systems tailored to meet the unique needs of care homes and elder care. Whether you require multi-line setups, easy-to-use interfaces, or advanced features like voicemail and call forwarding, we have the perfect solution for you. We provide premise phone systems, managed systems, hosted phone systems and a vast array of phones and headsets and peripherals to compliment your system.

Bell Phone Lines:

Seamlessly integrate with the renowned Bell network to ensure crystal-clear voice quality and reliable connections. Our Bell phone lines offer the stability and coverage essential for the communication needs of care homes and elder care.

SIP Lines:

Embrace the future of communication with our SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) lines. Enjoy cost-effective, scalable, and flexible voice communication over the internet, ensuring your care home and elder care centre stays connected without breaking the bank.

IP Phones:

We carry various liens of IP Phones to suite any application or use, including industry standard Yealink, Snom, NEC, and Avaya phones. Paired together with cost savings SIP lines, your residents will experience ease of use while you experience the savings.

Maintenance Services:

Meteor Telecom is committed to the long-term success of your communication infrastructure. Our dedicated maintenance services ensure that your phone systems operate at peak performance, minimizing downtime and optimizing reliability.

Technical Services:

Trust our team of experienced technicians to handle any technical challenges. From system upgrades to troubleshooting, our technical services guarantee a smooth and efficient communication environment.

Cabling Solutions:

Lay the foundation for a robust communication network with our professional cabling solutions. Whether you need structured cabling for data or voice, we provide reliable installations that support the demands of a modern care home or elder care centre.

Paging Systems:

Enhance emergency response and daily operations with our advanced paging systems. Customized for care homes and elder care, these solutions facilitate quick and efficient communication, ensuring that important messages reach the right individuals promptly.

And we have many more solutions that can help your care home and elder care location, save money, simplify services and maintain uptime.

Why Choose Meteor Telecom:

We work with care homes and elder care centres: We’ve helped care homes and elder care residences such as Orchard View (By the Mississippi) and Heritage Heights, improve their communications and savings.

Expertise: With years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to meet the unique needs of care homes and elder care centres.

Reliability: Count on us for reliable and robust communication solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of residents and staff.

Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative technologies and solutions designed to future-proof your communication infrastructure.

At Meteor Telecom, we are not just providing products and services; we are building connections. Contact us today to explore how our tailored communication solutions can transform the way your care home or elder care centre communicates. Together, let’s create a connected and thriving community.

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