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Since 1989, Meteor has been providing comfort for our customers. That is simply the best way to say it. We provide, sell and install solutions that work, that you can have confidence will meet your needs, and will be of comfort for your employees, and customers alike to work with. Ask any of our customers (and you can ask for referrals), and more often than not, that is what they will say.

We have been a premier NEC partner for many years, because we have consistently excelled at satisfying customers requirements. NEC communication solutions are among the leaders in the industry. Not only can customers roly on NEC, but we can too, and can recommend with confidence. Our related products both compliment and support these solutions.

At Meteor, we believe we have a culture of success, both in-office and out with our technical fleet on the road. It takes a lot of focus and work to achieve that. But it’s worth it to have a reliable business partner for you as a customer, and for us as a valued place to work and grow and enjoy as we all meet our clients needs and provide the stable scalable solutions required to compete in business each and every day, 24 hours a day.

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