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NEC’s UNIVERGE family of terminals, softphones and applications move the standard phone to the next level through its diverse range of customizable options and advanced feature sets. These terminals, softphones and applications offer accessibility, flexibility and optimized mobility that help meet the communication needs of any workplace. As an integral part of UNIVERGE360, they connect people with the information, applications and tools that they need to drive business success.

With the UNIVERGE family of terminals, softphones and applications, your organization can quickly and easily choose the right device and tools to meet your employees’ specific communications needs and to help improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Desktop Terminals

  • DT700 Series IP Terminals
    NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop IP Terminals provide all the features and functionality of traditional phones with the seamless integration of advanced IP applications. Integration of voice and data is no longer limited to the network or the PC desktop; it is now in the end-users’ hands.
  • DT300 Series Digital Terminals
    In today’s intensely competitive business environment, smart companies know that it takes great customer service to get ahead.

Wireless LAN Terminals

  • MH110, MH120, MH140h Mobile Handsets
    A range of mobile terminals to address a wide variety of mobile users. Each mobile device has its own characteristics that will influence which mobile terminal is right for various mobile users, whether the mobile device is a wireless handset, a PDA or even a Tablet or Laptop PC.
  • MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets
    Flexibility and Convenience at Your Fingertips UNIVERGE MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets seamlessly integrate with UNIVERGE IP communications systems to provide the key features and services your organization requires.

IP & Digital DECT Terminals

  • Digital DECT Terminals
    UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Digital DECT Terminals combine the benefits of digital telephony with the superior quality and features of DECT technology as an element of NEC’s UNIVERGE360 framework. These terminals help unify business communications by adding mobility options to your infrastructure.
  • G355 IP DECT Terminal
    The sophisticated G355 enhanced business handset for professional office environments takes mobile communication to the next level.
  • C124 IP DECT Terminal
    The C124 compact business handset was developed for users who simply want to make and receive wireless calls while in the office. The C124 offers users improved flexibility and comfort while keeping them accessible and mobile.
  • G955 IP DECT Terminal
    The G955 is NEC’s premier Business Mobility device. It offers optimized mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort for business users at the highest level.
  • I755 IP DECT Terminal
    The I755 industrial use handset is designed for use in potentially demanding/harsh environments such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and warehousing.


  • UNIVERGE SP350 SoftPhone
    NEC’s UNIVERGE SP350 Softphone unifies communications by embedding voice into business processes to bring employees the real-time communications and information they require.
  • UNIVERGE SP30 SoftPhone
    In today’s work environment, your employees require communication tools that allow them to easily share real-time information and ideas as well as provide them with the flexibility to work from different locations.

Conference Phones

  • Conference MAX & Conference MAX SIP
    Businesses today are looking for solutions that will help increase productivity and trim costs while enhancing the way they communicate with each other and their customers.


  • Interactive Terminal Suite
    ITS is an innovative suite of applications that combines and automates disparate communications features and functions into a simple-to-use, icon-driven dashboard interface on NEC’s Desktop IP Terminals; enabling businesses to be more efficient and productive.

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