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Today’s contact centres house volumes of information about your customers as well as the performance of you agents’, processes and technologies.  An overwhelming percentage of this information – whether it be in the form of call recordings, emails, CRM Notes, social postings, web traffics and others – are in an unstructured format and are captured by disparate systems.  Interactions Analytics can consolidate and organize this information so that companies can begin to mine these vast stores of information for intelligence that can be acted upon by your Company’s Operational, Sales/Marketing, Finance, Technology departments. 

As a call centre professional, with the Interaction Analytics tools available form Xentrax, you are now able to demonstrate the value of the call centre and move your centre from a cost centre to being an invaluable profit centre for your Company.

By spotting words, phrases and even provide a conceptual understanding of the interactions combined with powerful searching capabilities, companies can reduce operational costs while simultaneously driving metrics such as First Contact Resolution, Customer Lifetime Value and Net Promoter Scores.  Interaction Analytics helps companies to:

  • Analyze customer interactions across multiple communication channels and languages
  • Search and retrieve interactions based on their conceptual and contextual meaning
  • Uncover customer, operational and performance related trends and issues
  • identify and understand specific customer attitudes and behaviors

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