Next Gen Call Recording

For Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and Command Centres, the recording of interactions are mission critical – they require solutions that purpose built for these environments. The solutions must be easy to deploy and maintain but can also scale from simple single site centres to complex, multi-site environments. It must be purposefully designed for the functional requirements, the technologies found in and the rigors inherent to these environments. And, it is paramount that these systems are reliable.

With intuitive configuration and administration, the Xentrax recording solution for PSAP and Command Center is able to capture, store, manage, organize and replay audio interactions. Moreover, our solution is flexible and cost effective – able to reliably capture, record and synchronize 911 calls – including digital, analog and VoIP calls, conventional and P25 radio, text-to-911 interactions, video, images, console screens, locations from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and feeds from other sources such as CCTV Video. Our solution delivers:

        • Support for Transitional NG911 Networks with SIP trunk logging
        • Designed to NENA’s i3 standards assuring readiness for tomorrow
        • Advanced Call Finder: precision searches that leverage expanded metadata via CAD, D-Channel and other integrations; quickly find calls based on Caller ID, call duration, date and time, user name, incident type or ID, marked calls and a host of other metadata.
        • Powerful reply capability: support for instant replay
        • Foremost security features: AES Rijidael 256-bit encryption, MD5 fingerprinting and other features.
        • Superior Resiliency: multiple redundancy options are available including N+1, 2N configurations
        • Plan based call retention: automatically archive or purge recordings based on plans
        • Flexible storage options: select the right storage solution for your needs [SAN/NAS, EMC Centera, NetAPP Snaplock] using one of 10 available compression algorithms available people

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