Maintenance – Contract Specifications

We offer the following maintenance contracts to all of our clients:

Parts & Labor

  • Complete Parts & Labor coverage for any repair on the defective items covered under maintenance contract.
  • Faster replacement of defective parts being an NEC exclusive dealer we stock most of the parts.


  • 2 hours or less emergency response time for major failures available 24 hours x 7 days x 365 days.
  • Next day / 24 hours response time for minor failures for customers on the maintenance contracts.

(In all conditions the customers under maintenance contract have priority over non-maintenance customers)

Moves, Add and Changes Rates:

  • Discounted labor rates for customer under maintenance.
  • No travel charge within Greater Toronto Area.

Remote Diagnostics

  • Very critical for prompt service we incorporate remote diagnostics as a part of the maintenance contract (provided the system under maintenance supports remote diagnostic feature)
  • Enables very quick response, can resolve the problem remotely and helps the technician to bring in parts if required.

Third Party Coordination

  • We work together and co-ordinate with your telephone line service provider (Telco)
    (Provided we are listed as the vendor of record)

Annual System Testing and Preventative Maintenance 

  • Allows/identifies potential problems and helps in reducing downtime.
  • System backups performed which helps faster recovery in case of total system failure.
  • Cleaning Fan Filters (if present)
  • Servicing Batteries (if present)
  • Checking System Alarms
  • Updating Carrier Listing


Maintenance Contracts


The top 10 reasons why it makes sense to have a Meteor maintenance contract in place.

1. Peace of mind. Do you know how much your next system failure will cost, or how long your system will be down? No. And most companies do nothing until they have to, when their back is against the wall because their system is down. With a maintenance contract, you know exactly what you are paying, and who to call. Good business is planned and achieved, with costs controlled, not gambled.

2. Avoid breakdowns. 90% of all system breakdowns can be attributed back to lack of properly maintaining the system. Anything will typically breakdown if it is not maintained, PROPERLY. That is in bold letters because we end up receiving service call requests because the previous company’s technician has not resolved the issue, and or in some cases caused the issue by not doing what they were supposed to do, and that is to MAINTAIN THE SYSTEM. Certified technicians are trained and continually graded on what to do to help equipment stay healthy. Same as getting the oil changed in your car, you must look after your investment. Just as there is a cost to not getting to your appointment, or not getting home, so it is with your communication system. The cost of not getting those calls, or communique’s is opportunity lost, at best, and for some companies, potential nasty customer entanglements waiting to happen.

3. Cost. The cost of doing nothing can be greater than the cost of providing yourself that insurance. Again, this is a gamble, where you don’t need to gamble. You can take the sure thing, and have a maintenance contract in place, and know the cost, versus, not knowing when (not just if) your system will falter. Typically, those that do not maintain their system, experience unforeseen breakdowns. Then you will have the cost of the repair, plus the cost of lost business while you wait for the service tech to arrive (on their priority and availability, not yours), and the cost of stress (see number 1 above).

No Maintenance contract = System cost + repair cost + lost business cost + stress

Maintenance contract = System cost + maintenance cost

4. Priority scheduling. We just like any other service company, schedule our maintenance customers before our time and material customers (those with no maintenance contracts). All customers are important, but those on maintenance get our attention faster, since that’s what they pay us for. They pay for that privilege. They have committed to us, so we commit to them.

5. Preventative Maintenance and backups. Under a maintenance contract, when equipment breaks under wear and tear, we cover it (unless your equipment is so old, we have advised you otherwise prior….yes, some equipment is that old), so it is in our best interest to keep it running, and if a component needs replacing, to do it before it breaks down and causes a critical system error, lost data (calls and messages) and a priority service call. Best for everyone. So we perform preventative maintenance, to make sure your system components are in serviceable condition. We perform system backups to protect you in the case of a system fail. Just like your PC at home, backups are very important.

6. Full service hours (24×7), weekends and statutory holidays. We have a big technical fleet, well trained, and ready to go. Again, that is what you pay us for, so we have be there, and we are. We have some big and small customers that have relied on us for years to keep them up and running, and stress free. Your system is not a disposable appliance that you can take a risk with. It is your door to your customers, and it has to stay up and open.

7. Discounted rates. Service call rates, MAC rates, upgrade rates; all lower for those on maintenance contracts. Money is money, so spend wisely when you have to, like when adding components or services, or when you do have an outage for an unfortunate customer caused event. It does happen, so think ahead, and plan your savings now.

8. Remote diagnostics and assistance. For most systems, the majority of issues causing a service call request are actually solved by a remote resolution, at least when you are with Meteor. That means a much quicker resolution to your issue. Less costly for us, less stressful for you and your employees, less impact on your business and customers, just better all around. And that happens because we have such a level of depth in our technical fleet, we can perform many resolutions remotely. We know what we are doing, and in our many customer surveys, this has been cited as a huge deciding factor in our customer’s decision making process. And remember, it’s included in all our maintenance contract!

9. Software patches. When a software patch is available and required by your system, it will cost you nothing vs. a non-contract customer, who must pay for the software patch. Not all patches are required, as some only address specific issues which may not be affecting your system due to a feature or components you don’t have. In that case, you are better not to install a patch; simply not required. But when and if you do need a patch, it’s nice to know it won’t be an expense for you. There can be a labour charge for the time, but not for the software.

10. Resolutions for wiring and cable. We are cable experts, and have been for many years. From major hotels to major retail buildings, we have done it all. Don’t trust your cabling to anyone else. We can diagnose quickly, and recommend solutions to get the communications flowing again.

We live and breathe technology and communications. That’s what we like to do. That’s what our employees, technicians and engineers want to be involved in. We want you to be a long term customer, and we know that in order to get that, we need to provide your something better than the rest. That’s what we like to do. We take pride in it, and want to prove that we are the best.

Your in house insurance policy may cover certain aspects of your assets and equipment. Be sure to check with your policy and broker, on exactly what is covered. But past that, a good maintenance contract should cover the wear and tear and costs of fixing and replacing your system components, as per your maintenance contract details. It will cover faults, and the technical visits required to keep your equipment running properly.

Make the right choice now, and call for a free quote of a Meteor Maintenance Contract for your communication system.

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