SMB – Problem, Solution & Products

SMB - Problem, Solution & Products

Small and Medium sized business is the backbone of Canada. NEC SV9000 series communication systems are one of the international leading solutions. Study our information and see why. Many customers are now switching to our SIP Trunking and Fibre internet services to improve their bandwidth reliability and communications. We offer the best in class in all these areas. We have built a top tier relationship with Bell Canada on the most secure data backbone in Canada to bring these exiting new services to our customer base.


Globalfaces Direct, works with charities across North America to bring their fundraising goals to life. They had grown and needed to overhaul their cabling infrastructure.


A sizable cabling project on its own, but one that Meteor easily handled with their professional cabling teams.

Read more about Meteors’ cabling and paging information here.


Isherwood and Associates another very successful and growing firm needed a new communication system and phone sets.


They chose Meteor and the NEC SV9100 system with IP desk phones and softphones as their solution. Meteor and NEC came to the table ready to do business and provided some massive discounts to provide a best in class system to Isherwood. Again, on time, in budget, including training and installation.

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