Reporting & Analytics

Xentrax’s solution for Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and Command Centres enable you to monitor and improve long-term performance via a series of pre-defined, chart-based customizable call volume and evaluation reports.

In addition, our advanced Audio Analytics solution helps uncover insights in captured content that might otherwise remain hidden by enabling search for identified spoken words and automatically categorizing calls based on them. Using innovative technology designed specifically for public safety communications, our analytics facilitates lead detection, monitors and identifies gaps in protocol compliance and highlights problematic calls for additional review.

Get information and understanding delivered faster and more accurately to:

        • Reveal insights – information can be quickly found and linked using advanced search tools, revealing insights that would otherwise be buried
        • Identify call types – based upon mentioned words, calls can be categorized by a particular subject matter
        • Ensure compliance – by monitoring adherence and identifying deviations from protocol enables you to mitigate risk stemming from non complying responses.

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