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Cloud technology has been on the fast lane for a long time, and it now has affordable options for you to find a package that will match your needs. We have a cloud system that will be easy and fast to deploy but will not take away from your earnings and savings.

All You Need To Know About A Cloud Phone System And How It Works

Cloud phone solutions are an infrastructure that stores your phone network details and allows for easy and fast deployment of phone systems. The virtual phone system allows one to receive and make calls over the Internet using an IP address instead of the standard phone numbers.

Universal Blue is a popular and user-friendly cloud phone system that should be easy to handle because it has affordable fees and minimal complexity in deployment and usage. You want a cloud phone system that will support fast and easy communication among users while reducing the overall costs and complexities familiar with cloud phone systems.

Meteor Telecommunications is a 1989 establishment that delivers several types of technologies to support many different communication needs. We offer several packages for Univerge Blue to help ease and manage all the different communication needs. Some of the cloud-based phone system packages:

  • Calling features to cost about $27 a month, allow team chats, and call reporting, and have an app to manage the calls.
  • The Everything in Essentials costs approximately $34 and has more features, including free web fax and online video meetings.
  • Everything in Pro is a phone package with a more robust salesforce integration and Microsoft features to add more dynamics to the system.

There are a couple of other cloud phone system options, each with unique features to allow for more flexibility and better interfaces.

Benefits Of The Cloud Phone System

Better Costs

All businesses benefit from using resources with minimal operational costs and saving on the overall savings fee. The cloud phone systems by our service are unbelievably affordable for all kinds of businesses. We have various options for you to find something that matches your budget and holds the total capacity for all the tasks you want to accomplish.

More Scalability

A considerable advantage of Univerge Blue is its ability to scale fast to meet the rising needs of your business. You want a cloud phone system with several options to add new users, expand your video calls to include more people, and include features to work remotely so you can have as many people possible working in your company from remote locations.

Limited Maintenance

The virtual phone system may need maintenance to make for more practical applications. We have enough admins to handle all of these for you and are confident we have the right skills to configure a smooth-running system.

Is the cloud phone system suitable for your size, budget, and needs? A list of businesses will benefit significantly from our cloud phone system. Contact us to get a consultation for the cloud PBX phone system service.

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