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Cloud phone systems are growing in popularity. Many businesses use it to organize their business communications with high security. As a VoIP-based service, cloud phone systems can be accessed through the Internet, in any location, and on multiple devices. This facilitates faster interactions than other communication methods, amongst other great benefits. Here, we’ll look at the pros and cons of cloud-based phone systems, so you can make the choice that best suits your business needs.

Advantages Of a Cloud Phone System

Here we’ll take a look at the pros of a cloud-based phone system for your business.

Reduce costs.

Migrating to VoIP will reduce your business’ call costs. Whether you are operating a big company or small business, cloud phone system providers charge less per minute. Regardless of the number of calls you make, cloud phone system services will cost you less money than landline telephone services.


You do not need to be in your office to make calls when using cloud phone systems. This flexibility allows you to work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. If your company has offices in different places, the cloud phone systems can help you connect to your other offices.


Cloud phone system uses remote data centers and redundancy. If an unexpected event impacts one data center, another data center will take over. As a result, you will experience few disruptions and less downtime. Also, the data used for a cloud phone system is held in secure remote centers with backups if issues occur.

Quick to setup.

Cloud phone systems only need an Internet connection to start. Companies can access the features online through a web browser. Every setup is done online and hosted in the cloud, making it easy and quick for businesses to get started immediately.

Disadvantages of a Cloud phone system

Cloud phone systems have a few downsides.

Required reliable Internet connection

You’ll need a high-speed Internet connection to deliver the best phone call quality and video functionality because a cloud phone system utilizes the Internet. If your area’s Internet service goes down, you may struggle to provide the best possible service.

Costs of upgrading your technology

You must buy equipment if you want to switch to a cloud phone system. You also need to buy IP phones and Ethernet ports to operate them, which might cost you more money.

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Toronto cloud phones