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Service-driven organizations spend tremendous amounts of time and money to find, win and retain their customers.  Yet those valuable relationships can be at risk each and every time a customer calls the contact centre.  To ensure the balance of agent performance and satisfaction scores, you must listen closely to the perceptions, challenges and needs of the customer.  Customer feedback technologies can hear directly from a customer immediately after the agent-customer interaction.  Further the solutions we offer can automatically link both the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score with the internal quality evaluation score.

By correlating the two, you can validate your internal metrics to ensure that they are accurately reflecting what is important to your customers, which can also feed into developing effective training and development programs for your agents.  Further, you can measurably improve quality performance according to your customers while reducing the time and cost incurred from traditional research methods.  Our customer feedback solutions can:

  • Provide immediate customer feedback
  • Offer a direct link between agent performance and customer satisfaction scores
  • Deliver real-time alerts to trigger “save the customer” actions
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative to third party surveys

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