UCE Agent (UC700)

UC for Enterprise Agent is the next-generation of desktop applications that unifies call center functionality and unified communication capabilities into one easy to use client. UCE Agent’s intuitive interface brings information, not previously available, directly to the desktop.

By providing agents easy access to information such as the splits in which they are working, the amount of calls in queue, the longest waiting call duration and the Presence of everyone in the organization, it enables the entire contact center to be more efficient, responsive, collaborative and productive.

With UCE agent, businesses gain:

  • UC-enabled desktop application for ACD agents
  • Dynamic agent login capabilities
  • ACD specific information to agents
  • Presence information at a glance
  • Individualized contact rules
  • Personalized status information
  • Access to all UCE Desktop Client features
  • Intuitive call control and conference management

UC for Enterprise Agent also improves a business’s communications effectiveness and facilitates quicker decision making. As a result, business expenses are reduced and both productivity and customer service are improved. It is a powerful tool for agents and assists them in getting things done as quickly as their customers and business demands.

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