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Mini Pendant Speaker MPS1B (Black) / MPS1W (White)

  • Wide-dispersion 4-1/2″ driver
  • Superior sound in a small, compact enclosure
  • For 70V and low-impedance systems
  • Computer-matched venting systems for extended bass output
  • Selectable power taps via rear-mounted control; 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 watts@ 70V
  • White or Black finish

High-Fidelity Ceiling Speaker (HFCS1)

  • Installs into a variety of ceiling environments including suspended and hard surface ceilings
  • Large heavy-gauge plated steel back can for deep bass response
  • Computer-matched dual venting system for full bass output
  • Wide dispersion coaxial driver provides broad, even coverage
  • Good off-axis response with smooth contouring
  • For 16-ohm, 70V, & 100V systems
  • Off-white finish
  • Complies with UL-2043

High-Fidelity Ceiling Speaker – reduced back can depth (HFCS1LP)

  • 6-3/4″ mounting depth for installations into a variety of ceiling environments including suspended and hard surface ceilings
  • Low-profile housing allows greater range of installation depths
  • Ready-To-Go right out of the box
  • Expandable up to 99 Zones
  • Emergency All-Zone Override Paging Input
  • 250W Power handling capacity

High-Fidelity, Small-Footprint Ceiling Speaker (HFSF1)

  • Superior sound in a very compact enclosure (7-1/4″ diameter)
  • Wide-dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even coverage; superb off-axis response
  • One-way & two-way paging (talk back operation requires TBA15)
  • Only 6-1/4″ diameter ceiling opening required
  • Installs in a wide range of ceiling types
  • For 70V and low-impedance systems
  • Off-white paintable finish

In-Ceiling Subwoofer (CSUB)

  • 8″ Woofer provides superior bass reproduction
  • Installs in suspended ceilings or drywall
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz – 125 Hz
  • Heavy-gauge steel back can
  • For 8-ohm and 70V systems
  • Off-white finish


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