Virtual Wallboard & Infocast

NEC’s Virtual Wallboard and Infocast, part of NEC’s CCDesign® suite of contact center solutions, are two productivity-based tools that provide agents queue statistics right on their desktops. Virtual Wallboard provides wallboard-style statistics at the agent’s workstation while Infocast displays information at the desktop that pertains to call activity for each skill set unique to the agent logged on and offers options for customization. By utilizing both of these productivity-enhancing tools, your contact center agents can improve their responsiveness and level of customer service.

Virtual Wallboard

Wallboards are an essential part of any contact center environment. They provide important information from management to agents and display the number of callers holding for service as well as the number of agents available for calls or on break. Virtual Wallboard:

  • Empowers agents through instant information on the desktop
  • Provides access to critical contact center statistics to both on-site and remote agents
  • Supplies your agents with access to multiple virtual wallboards when used within CCDesign’s Global Navigator system
  • Enables your supervisors with the ability to send messages on an ad-hoc basis
  • Reduces the need for physical wallboards – avoiding both the original cost of these units and the cost of maintenance


Similar to Virtual Wallboard, Infocast delivers critical contact center statistics to a small window right on your agent’s workstation. Infocast displays information that pertains to call activity for each skill set unique to the agent logged on. It allows your agents to customize information by selecting which queues to view and which data elements to monitor. Your agents can even organize the information to suit their preferences. Infocast:

  • Provides access to real-time information which enables your agents to react quickly to changes in call volume and agent availability
  • Enhances your contact center’s customer service and improves agent performance
  • Enables agents to select and display multiple queues when used with Global Navigator
  • Allows administrators to define specific performance criteria for your contact center – statistics exceeding these criteria are displayed as alerts to your agents

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