In today’s work environment, your employees require communication tools that allow them to easily share real-time information and ideas as well as provide them with the flexibility to work from different locations. NEC’s UNIVERGE SP30 Softphone provides employees with a versatile, converged communications tool that offers an impressive array of high quality video, audio, voice and text features.

The SP30 Softphone is a versatile, multimedia IP phone that resides within your personal computer (PC) and delivers high quality voice via a USB-connected headset/handset. Designed to meet the needs of any employee, it can be used as a primary desktop telephone, a supplemental desktop telephone or a remote/telecommuting device.

Share Real-Time Information and Ideas from your PC

When linked together across an NEC IP network, SP30 users can collaborate and interact with each other in an exciting variety of ways:

  • Audio and videoconferencing lets you easily set-up and participate in conference calls
  • Whiteboard allows you to review, create and update graphic designs in real-time
  • Chat lets you conduct real-time conversations via text with as many SP30 users as you like
  • File Transfer provides you with an easy method to send one or more files
  • Call Log enables you to store information about outgoing and incoming calls

With the SP30 Softphone, your employees will have the advantages of a converged voice and data network whether they’re in the office or on the road. The SP30 combines traditional business communications needs with the data applications your employees require.

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