Fixed Mobile Convergence (uMobility)

Mobile phones are a mainstay in today’s businesses and usage only continues to grow. This inherently makes employees have to distribute a separate phone number to business associates or customers so they can be reached and manage multiple voice mailboxes, as well as deal with important calls being dropped from a weak in-building signal.

With NEC’s fixed mobile convergence uMobility™ solution from Varaha Systems, Inc., businesses are now able to provide employees with single number reach, unified voice messaging and enhanced in-building coverage through a business’s Wi-Fi network. uMobility provides:

  • Single number reach – rings a user’s business phone and cell phone simultaneously ensuring no calls are missed
  • Unified voice messaging – all missed calls are directed to a user’s business voicemail account; centralizing messages in one mailbox
  • Seamless roaming on and off campus – calls can be transparently bridged from a business’s Wi-Fi to cellular networks and back again via a Smartphone
  • Enterprise dialing via Smartphones – enables users to do station-to-station and external dialing; calls can be placed by either entering a 4 or 5 digit extension or a fully-dialed number
  • Improved efficiency and productivity – provides users the capability to handle calls more promptly; streamlining communications and information delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction – provides customers with a single number to reach their contact on the first try; positively impacting customer service dramatically

By enabling employees to be reached anytime, anywhere – any business can become more efficient, responsive, collaborative and productive.

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