UC for Enterprise (UCE) Desktop Client

As an integral part of the UC for Enterprise (UCE) suite, NEC’s UCE Mobility (UNIVERGE MC550) solution allows employees to be reached anytime, anywhere with a single phone number and voice mailbox. Once activated, UCE Mobility provides:

  • Single number reach – rings all phones simultaneously according to preset contact rules; users can determine how and when they want to be reached
  • Single voicemail box – unanswered calls are directed to the user’s business voicemail account; no need to check multiple voice mailboxes
  • Enhanced mobile presence – enables users to determine the real-time status and availability of other UCE users instantly via their desktop client on their PC or Smartphone
  • Intuitive interfaces – allows users to easily set contact rules through their PC and change status via PC or web-browser on a Smartphone
  • Enterprise dialing via Smartphone – enables station-to-station and external dialing through the enterprise switch; allows 4 or 5 digit extension dialing for quick access to colleagues
  • Improved efficiency and productivity– streamlines communications and information delivery by handling calls more promptly from any location
  • Increased customer satisfaction – provides customers a single number that can be used to reach their contact on the first try which positively impacts customer service dramatically

With UCE Mobility, businesses become more efficient, responsive, collaborative and productive.

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