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NEC’s UC for Enterprise Manager (UNIVERGE MA4000) is a centralized web based management system for communications servers. It seamlessly supports and manages the day-to-day tasks of all NEC’s UNIVERGE Communication Servers – including those in the SV8000 series as well as NEC’s SV7000, NEAX®2400 IPX and 2000 IPS systems.

With virtually no daily administrator interaction required, the UC for Enterprise (UCE) Manager simultaneously manages all communications servers while offering:

  • Web Browser Operation
  • Email and Client Alarm Notification
  • LDAP Authentication and Auto Provisioning Service
  • Windows Authentication
  • Flexible Access Levels (Roles)
  • An Application Program Interface (API & SDK)
  • Security
  • HTTPS Support
  • Audit Trail Logging
  • Customizable Portals
  • A Command Line Interface
  • Integration with UCE Applications Platform (UNIVERGE OW5000)
  • Centralized Authentication Service (NEC CAS)
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Schedulable Range Programming
  • Centralized software license management
  • Emergency Location Management (NENA)

The UCE Manager has removed the mystery from communication server administration. Its user-friendly interface means very little training is required for an administrator starting out with this management system. Powerful tools like Range Programming can perform large tasks, such as adding new stations, changing station programming or numbering, and moving, swapping or deleting stations – and the UCE Manager completes these jobs over 12 times faster than with traditional methods. Another feature, the LDAP auto-provisioning system, uses advanced, granular LDAP integration, data filters and provisioning templates to provide standardized integration to an administrator’s existing network provisioning system.

NEC’s UC for Enterprise Manager provides a true single point of entry and will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to maintain an enterprise network.

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