UCE Emergency On-Site Notification

To keep people safe and secure during an emergency, it is important for businesses to have a 911 system that can accurately pinpoint a caller’s location and direct appropriate emergency response resources to the scene.

With UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification (UCE E-OSN) for the UNIVERGE SV8300 and SV8500 Communications Servers, businesses will have the tools necessary to protect their most valuable asset – their people. UCE E-OSN pinpoints a 911 caller’s location and passes that information along to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This reliable, automatic transfer of information helps businesses provide vital, lifesaving information to the 911 public safety network while notifying the appropriate on-site personnel that an emergency call is in progress; resulting in an immediate and accurate response.

UCE E-OSN enables superior management of 911 calls by:

  • Pinpointing the exact location of 911 callers
  • Notifying on-site staff in real-time
  • Speeding on-site response through real-time monitoring of 911 calls
  • Working with UCE Manager’s Emergency Location Management feature to administer the Automatic Location Information (ALI) database
  • Tracking VoIP calls throughout an enterprise network
  • Meeting E911 compliance legislation

With UCE E-OSN, businesses can be sure that first responders and their on-site personnel are well informed as to the location of the emergency and what type it is so that they can determine the appropriate actions to take to ensure the safety of everyone.

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