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Every organization is faced with the challenge of improving productivity while reducing costs. UC for Enterprise (UCE) Collaboration offers an ideal way to empower employees and contribute to the bottom line.

NEC’s UCE Collaboration is a secure premises-based conferencing solution for the enterprise. It encourages collaboration and lowers travel expenses by providing users the means to work together securely via conference.

Because all of the equipment used for the UCE Collaboration solution resides on your network, it offers improved security. You can keep full control of security measures to ensure that no confidential information is transmitted outside the WAN during a conference. Hosting and attending conferences on your own network also helps you keep an eye on security while eliminating monthly subscription conference fees.

Since no additional software installation is required on the desktop, UCE Collaboration is compatible with standard video cameras as well as most major browsers and platforms. It also supports a large number of seats for voice and video conferences. You have the flexibility to conduct both company-wide employee meetings and one-on-one customer support sessions in real time.

UCE Collaboration can be integrated with the NEC UC700 Client to form a complete, customized unified communications solution. Seamless integration with the UC700 enables users to take advantage of presence information to instantly determine if and when others are available to meet. Users can then quickly and easily launch multimedia presentations or video conferences from the UC700.

UCE Collaboration can be purchased as a standalone audio/video conferencing solution with the same features and functionality as NEC’s Hosted Collaboration Service option. Both versions feature the same robust feature set; its level of integration is your organization’s choice.

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