Total Visibility Solution

Real-Time Visibility into the Location, Status and Condition of Assets and People

Each year, organizations of all types are challenged to keep track of the location, status and condition of their equipment, people and other mobile assets. Many of the problems which contribute to this challenge share a common cause – the lack of real-time visibility.

With NEC’s Total Visibility Solution from AeroScout®, organizations are able to accurately locate and identify assets or people in real-time over their existing Wi-Fi network, which increases visibility within the organization and delivers the tools needed to drive operational efficiency.

Total Visibility Solution enables organizations to:

  • Increase real-time visibility of assets and people
  • Locate mobile assets and automate asset management processes for loss prevention and increased utilization
  • Increase people’s safety with RFID call button tags signaling exact locations
  • Automate audits (i.e. organization-wide inventory)
  • Automate outputs needed for various regulatory agencies (i.e. temperature monitoring, reports)
  • Locate standard Wi-Fi clients such as laptops, PDAs and barcode scanners, without installing extra hardware or software

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