Networking – Meet Our Team at Meteor Telecommunications

  • Jose Fernandez


    A dynamic entrepreneur, Jose Fernandez is the founder and CEO of several successful telecommunications firms including Meteor Telecommunications Inc., Smart IP Inc. and Xentrax. President and owner of Xentrax since 2004, Jose’s vision, leadership and tireless work ethic have provided tremendous stability to the company; resulting in new client acquisitions and profitable growth every quarter since inception. This is a track record that he has enjoyed with each of his companies. Jose is committed to providing his Clients with innovative products and services delivered with a core belief of honesty and integrity in all business transactions. Building on his foundational studies in electronics engineering, Jose applied himself to every aspect of telecom and business, becoming a subject matter expert on multiple platforms. His desire to lead a new breed of customer focused professionals drove Jose to establish his own firms, founded on the basic principle of “Appreciate and Value Our Customers Always”. This same desire continues to position Xentrax as an industry leading and award winning contact centre service solution provider, with market share growth that consistently exceeds the industry average under Jose’s leadership.

  • Nick Flaminio

    Director of Sales

    Nick Flaminio, the Director of Sales at Xentrax, is a veteran of the call centre industry with over 25 years of experience in operations, design and sale of call centre technology solutions.  Nick began as a very successful industry consultant based, on no small part, on his grasp of the technology very early on in its infancy due to his Physics background the meshing of those principals and his engineering capabilities. Nick was quickly scouted and drafted for high level positions by MSC and Xentrax among others. Now, an accomplished sales professional and leader, his passion and expertise has driven notable sales growth on top of building a foundation of blue chip customers for Xentrax. Over 25 years, Nick is most proud of building enduring relationships with his clients built on trust and success. His drive and curiosity of all things contact center based, along with his capability, flair and interest in providing mutually beneficial and above all, stable solutions, have resulted in him being first call for many leading firms when they require technology in this space. His grasp of the day to day call center challenges due to his grasp of the industry and technology have made him an ideal and trusted leader for Xentrax and his industry followers.

  • Annamaria Russo

    Client Relationship Manager

    Annamaria, has been working with the President in various high profile positions for over 27 years. She has long been recognized both in the industry and by the Xentrax customer base as a champion of Customer Service. Anyone who works with her immediately sees her passion and understanding of the value and necessity of great customer service, at all levels. Over the years she has been front and center in the largest, most complex installations that Xentrax has performed, and is a veteran of Project Management. First, achieving her diploma in telecommunications, Annamaria studied at the world renowned Schulich School of Business, where she became certified in Project Management. Not only has she led the operations teams at Xentrax, but has utilized her competent skills at a host of other telecommunication firms, focusing as a master of Scheduling, Training, Project Management, Customer and Vendor liaison activities, and many ongoing appearances at industry trade shows and conferences. She continues to be an integral leading force at Xentrax, working with our fortune 500 client base in developing their global training materials and guiding ongoing migrations, installation and upgrades.