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The Ideal Route to Multi-site ACD Productivity

NEC’s Network ACD, a part of the CCDesign® suite of contact center solutions, takes the call routing advantages of its proven contact center solutions and extends them across larger network operations to support multiple ACD sites. It routes call traffic across a network of NEC platforms which allows organizations to standardize contact center operations across multiple satellite locations.

Network ACD can utilize private or public facilities to queue, route and reroute calls for multiple switches and contact centers that reside at the same private site, or for multiple contact center sites that reside at different locations. Network ACD:

  • Allows a contact center to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction by balancing the workload of incoming traffic across multiple locations
  • Gets the caller to an available agent faster, easier and more efficiently
  • Maximizes the use of resources across multiple locations
  • Provides consistency of operation and management with feature transparency across all platforms
  • Offers the ability to add Network ACD to any seat size via software-based licensing
  • Expands from 15 nodes/sites to 50

With Network ACD, the entire operation of the system benefits from all the queuing and routing efficiencies of smaller contact centers without limitation in size. In fact, Network ACD can support network groups and networked agent positions. Also, Network ACD’s relational database includes support for ODBC (open access to database tables and statistics) which allows for easy integration with other databases and applications.

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