NEC Hosted Collaboration Service

The ability to participate in multimedia presentations is critical to keeping your business competitive. It can dramatically improve the type and quality of the information transmitted. NEC’s Hosted Collaboration Service provides the innovative, cost-effective help that your enterprise requires.

NEC Hosted Collaboration Service is a browser-based subscription solution that offers the ability to provide feature-rich web conferences with up to 16 video windows per conference. It supports an unlimited number of attendees for both voice and video conferencing. Because this service is hosted, no installation and setup are needed – all your server and software needs are taken care of.

By using NEC Hosted Collaboration Service for web conferences, your workers can collaborate seamlessly from any location. Participants can jointly modify documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other work without having to pass files back and forth.

Additionally, there is no upfront cost or capital equipment that must be purchased to implement this solution. Your business pays a flat rate monthly for unlimited access. You can use standard computers, video cameras, and web browsers – nothing proprietary is required.

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