MH150, MH160 Mobile Handsets

Flexibility and Convenience at Your Fingertips

UNIVERGE MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets seamlessly integrate with UNIVERGE IP communications systems to provide the key features and services your organization requires. These mobile handsets significantly improve a user’s productivity and responsiveness by providing them with the ability to roam from one business area to another – enabling them to always be accessible to customers and colleagues.

NEC offers you two versatile handsets to choose from:

UNIVERGE MH150 Mobile Handset – is perfect for users involved in a wide range of industries. With its lightweight, rugged design and extensive feature support, it exceeds the requirements of general office and management staff while providing a reliable option for front-line personnel in high-use environments.

UNIVERGE MH160 Mobile Handset – provides the same extensive feature set of the MH150 plus adds NEC’s unique push-to-talk (PTT) capability. This PTT capability lets users communicate instantaneously, which is a specific need of many distributed work teams that require frequent communication.

MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets also feature an integrated 802.11 a/b/g radio that enables you to choose your preferred wireless network for voice communications. Users with 802.11b or 802.11g networks can easily add voice communications to an existing Wi-Fi network in order to reduce equipment and management costs and protect existing WLAN infrastructure investment. Additionally, these handsets provide protection from the interference that often handicaps other mobile systems.

If deployed in high-density or mission critical environments with existing 802.11 devices on the 2.4 GHz frequency, customers can activate the MH150 and MH160 in an 802.11a mode that operates in the 5.0 GHz band. This minimizes potential interference and provides increased coverage.

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