Hospitality Maintenance Plan

Parts & Labor

  • Complete Parts & Labor coverage for any repair on the defective items covered under maintenance contract.
  • Faster replacement of defective parts being an NEC exclusive dealer we stock most of the parts.


  • 2 hours or less emergency response time for major failures available 24 hours x 7 days x 365 days.
  • Next day / 24 hours response time for minor failures for customers on the maintenance contracts.

(In all conditions the customers under maintenance contract have priority over non-maintenance customers)

Moves, Add and Changes Rates:

  • Discounted labor rates for customer under maintenance.
  • No travel charge within Greater Toronto Area.

Remote Diagnostics

  • Very critical for prompt service we incorporate remote diagnostics as a part of the maintenance contract (provided the system under maintenance supports remote diagnostic feature)
  • Enables very quick response, can resolve the problem remotely and helps the technician to bring in parts if required.

Third Party Coordination

  • We work together and co-ordinate with your telephone line service provider (Telco)

Annual System Testing and Preventative Maintenance 

  • Allows/identifies potential problems and helps in reducing downtime.
  • Tape/Disk back-up copies of system backup helps faster recovery in case of total system failure.
  • Cleaning Fan Filters
  • Servicing Batteries
  • Testing UPS
  • Checking Power Alarms
  • Updating Trunk Listing

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