Genesis Ultra Lite Call Accounting

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CDR Reporting for Business:

Genesis Ultra-Lite version is for very small businesses, including home-based businesses (fewer than 8 phones) that require just basic Call Accounting Reporting, at an affordable price.


  • Real-time call billing and reporting
  • Specific Call Selection Reporting Flexibility
  • Reports Incoming Caller’s Number when available
  • Corporate Extension, Account, Chronological & Exception Reports
  • Reporting to screen, printer or disk file
  • Automatic and Manual Month-ends Unlimited access to previous months call data
  • Surcharge, Markup & Tax Table
  • Call editing capabilities
  • Build your own call rating tables
  • Can upgrade to Express Version
  • Includes 30 days free technical support


Optional Hardware & Connectivity Options:

  • Buffer Boxes:
    Usually used when your PBX is remotely located or when it is not feasible to run cabled directly. Buffer boxes can also add additional peace of mind, ensuring data is not lost in the event of computer hardware failure. Buffer boxes act as an intermediary between your telephone system and the computer housing Genesis Call Accounting. Call information is retained and passed to the Genesis PC for immediate processing.


  • Ether-Serial Devices:
    Convert any legacy telephone system serial ports to an IP network connection, allowing internal and remote accessibility via your established network. Especially useful when it is impractical to run cabling between the Genesis computer and your non-IP supported PBX.

System Capacities:

  • 1 to 8 phones
  • call storage = 5,500 calls per megabyte

Hardware Requirements:

  • Telephone system with CDR or SMDR output
  • Windows 2000+ Operating System
  • Hard disk with at least 50MB free
  • AMD / Pentium 1GHz processor or better
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation / updates
  • One serial port minimum (not required for IP collection)
  • Internet connection (for emailing reports & remote assistance)
  • One printer (for printing reports, if desired)


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