Digital DECT Terminals

UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Digital DECT Terminals combine the benefits of digital telephony with the superior quality and features of DECT technology as an element of NEC’s UNIVERGE360 framework. These terminals help unify business communications by adding mobility options to your infrastructure.

With the addition of the DTL-RPT-1 repeater, the coverage area of your UNIVERGE Digital DECT telephone system is extended in all directions – including up and down. If the repeaters are installed so their coverage area overlaps the coverage area of the base, the base can hand-off calls to the repeaters as the user moves from one coverage area to another. When connected to the repeater, the mobile handset operates exactly as it does when connected to the base. Hand-off from the base to the repeater is imperceptible to the user, even during an active call.

This wireless system provides perfect voice quality, seamless handover and a secure air interface that protects your company’s investments in existing telephones, applications and your network infrastructure.

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