Dedication To Hospitality

Dedication and Contribution to Hospitality

There are three options for Hospitality to improve current telecommunications infrastructure:

1.   Protect your current investment
2.   Extend your abilities
3.   Grow with new opportunities and capabilities 

During the whole process from the first meeting to the final stage of implementation we are dedicated to our task and our mission. Customer satisfaction plays the key role in our process and we are keen to keep it that way. After successfully implementing multiple projects with outstanding reviews and testimonials from our customers we strongly believe that Meteor Tel can bring value to your organization. While being faithful to the promise, we provide outstanding project coordination and management skills to ensure that the entire project goes as planned and achieves the best results.  We strategically provide the resources to match the exact requirements to suit your needs.

  • Easy to Implement – we design and deliver solutions that are easy to implement and manage. This helps you to receive faster service and co-manage your own telecommunications.
  • Lowering cost while delivering solid ROI – a solid solution that brings costs down while keeping up to your communications requirements. It is critical to discuss all bundled opportunities to find the best ROI and solution options.
  • Improves Guest Satisfaction and Staff Productivity – a full range of advanced capabilities and features such as Unified Messaging and Automated Attendant streamlines staff’s daily tasks giving them more time to focus on guests and other necessary tasks.
  • Enhances Life Safety –provides the right communications tools to protect guests and staff during emergencies:
    • An option of Native 911 support that connects emergency calls straight to authorities to reduce response time and maximize first-responder effectiveness.
    • An ability to provide instant screen-pop notifications to inform hotel management when an emergency call has been placed to facilitate quicker emergency response.
    • In the event of threat (police emergency) or post event, hotels must be able to reach and notify guests, staff, and authorities immediately and in an efficient manner.

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