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CCDesign® is NEC’s suite of products and services that addresses thedevelopment of quality responsiveness and fulfillment within the contact center. These products are geared to provide contact centers with a framework that closely corresponds to the way organizations build proficiency.

Maintaining consistent functionality for both customers and agents, even across diverse mediums, is imperative. Customers can and should expect prompt response, quality of information and action, personalized service and effective fulfillment, regardless of the technology involved. Choice with consistency is a key element of NEC’s contact center applications.

NEC’s overall objective is to help contact centers achieve and exceed their business goals. This objective is achieved by providing customers with communication technologies that offer broader functionality, a wider range of flexible choices and an open migration path to new technologies.

Contact centers utilizing CCDesign applications can realize:

  • Improved response time
  • Reduced abandon rates
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Increased customer satisfaction

CCDesign provides fully modular functionality and scalability for customers. Each module, priced separately, allows customers to add capacity and/or functionality to meet their specific needs. Advantages of the solution are scalability over a wide range of line sizes and the ability to provide a reliable product with an ample feature set for an attractive price point. Thus, customers may purchase the product for small call center needs and scale up as the organization grows. Similarly, customers may purchase basic functionality and add capabilities as their needs evolve.

  • Contact Routing products, CallCenterWorX and ContactWorX, are geared toward establishing flexible, accurate contact direction based on the customer’s business rules and other input.
  • Management Information System (MIS) products, CallCenterWorX MIS and Global Navigator, gather and analyze real-time and historical statistical data.
  • Geographic Distribution and Networking products, Network ACD and Agent Anywhere, are designed to create a network of contact center systems or to define a single contact center system across a network of PBX systems. It also includes products that enable single agents and small groups of agents to work remotely from the contact center.
  • Ancillary Applications, under the heading of QueWorX, enhance contact center productivity and customer service. Computer Telephony Integration adds third-party call control that enables advanced contact center applications such as screen pops, advanced routing and customer callback.

Suite Modules:

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