CallCenterWorX – MIS

CallCenterWorX-MIS, a Management Information System (MIS) that is part of NEC’s CCDesign® suite of customer contact center solutions, can help raise your contact center’s level of performance by providing improved individual productivity through call monitoring, call reports and schedule management. This MIS delivers both vital real-time and historic call information to your contact center manager while enabling that manager to monitor multiple levels of caller and agent activity.

Ideal for small or department-size customer contact centers, each CallCenterWorX-MIS maintains its own database and provides effective personnel management tools. By providing real-time agent monitoring and historical system reports on a supervisor’s desktop, it enables them to instantaneously react to changes and make call routing improvements in the contact center which results in improved overall responsiveness. CallCenterWorX-MIS:

  • Enables managers to monitor multiple levels of caller and agent activity
  • Supplies twenty-nine types of real-time and historic reports
  • Provides a rich graphical user interface with multiple-window viewing and real-time online help
  • Offers true mulit-tenant support to facilitate easy movement of personnel between location With CallCenterWorX-MIS, you can cost-effectively streamline management of your call center to become more efficient, responsive and productive which results in improved customer satisfaction.

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