Bogen – Self Amplified Horn Speakers

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Digital Switching Horn Speakers (SAH5, SAH15, SAH30)

  • 5W, 15W, 30W models
  • High-efficiency digital switching amplifier technology
  • Low DC current draw and heat dissipation
  • Unique flare shape provides controlled sound dispersion
  • Operates with continuous background music & at high ambient temperatures
  • Rotatable horn for vertical or horizontal dispersion
  • Cast aluminum swivel mount

Metal Horn Speakers (AH5A, AH15A)

  • 5W and 15W models
  • Weatherproof housing: all-aluminum construction
  • Screwdriver-adjustable volume controls
  • Tilt & swivel mounting brackets for vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Textured mocha enamel finish
  • Banding slots for easy mounting on beams and pillars
  • 4-conductor connection cable included

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