Security Printing Moncton

Security Printing Moncton

Security Printing Moncton

Rainbow Printing Ltd. is a small-by-design print shop, but we have been able to pull more than our weight. That is why we have been touted as one of the best printing companies in the Moncton area. Thanks to our seasoned staff and facility, we can easily handle both commercial and security printing like offset printing and more.

Here are some of the techniques that have made us one of the foremost names in security printing design:

Numbering & MICR Encoding

Numbering is a security printing technique that creates a red halo around the serial numbers of a document for simple verification. That way, serial numbers appear reversed on the backside of the document.

MICR Encoding is one of our more advanced security printing features, commonly used in check printing. The special magnetic ink and unique font allow for checks to be processed and scanned quickly.

Chemical Toner Anchorage

This printing process is an excellent defense against check fraud as it affords superior toner anchorage when printing onto your product with a laser printer. The laser toner bonds with the paper, making the toner virtually impossible to be peeled or scraped off.

Chemically Reactive Paper

Our security printing products are most printed on chemically reactive paper with high-polarity chemical solvents. That way, forgery attempts on the document leave a chemical trail that indicates that it has been tampered with.

Fluorescent Fibers & Inks

This security printing feature protects documents from counterfeiting tricks like photocopying, scanning, or computer manipulation among others. The reason is that no computer or photocopier can replicate these ingrained fibers & inks.

Micro-Security Printing & Security Pantographs

With micro-security printing, tiny text that can only be verified with a magnifier is created. Texts that are illegible upon magnified view are signs of a forgery attempt.

Security pantographs are certified security solutions as they are screens printed in the background of invisible checks. Except when photocopied or scanned.

Authentic Multi-Tone Watermarks

Custom watermarks are integrated directly in – not on top – the paper at the security mill. It is a security printing feature that is exclusive to approved security printers like ourselves.

Thermachromic & Coin Reactive Inks

Thermachronic inks are one of the newest print security features at our print facilities. They are unique in that they are sensitive to temperature.

Coin reactive inks are similar but instead are printed colorless. When the secure paper is rubbed with your average currency coin, it reacts and shows the ink for instant verification.

Hologram Printing

This unique technology allows us to take your data, images, or brand logo to create a custom hologram to add to any of your secure documents.

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Have you been searching for the best printing companies to handle your commercial and security printing needs? You can call off the search party because Rainbow Printing Ltd. is here for you. We’re regarded as one of the foremost security printing companies in Saint John, and we have a long list of satisfied clients to show for it. If you’re ready to join our list, call us today to receive a quote for your graphic design and commercial or security printing project.

Security Printing Moncton
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