Profoto B10 calgary

Profoto B10 calgary

For a photographer, size matters in practical ways, like how much gear you can carry, how much space you will work in, and how much time you have. It’s also important in less practical ways like how you can take your creativity and the images you shoot to another level. Kallos Studios is a Profoto B10 dealer and rental provider proving that smaller can be better.

Profoto B10 is the Power of Small

The B10 is a big light in a small package. The manufacturers wanted to give the product a broader base, so they collaborated both in-house and with photographers. They found that the photographers who rely on speed lights create something more powerful. Photographers who use larger off-camera flashes wanted something lighter and more portable without compromising light quality. If you can carry a medium-sized lens in your bag, you can carry a B10!

The Profoto B10 provides 5x the light you get from a speed light. It’s both natural and beautiful. The creative possibilities become almost limitless with all of the light-shaping tools available for the B10. There are a dozen options to choose from in the lightweight OCF range, but you can go a lot further with almost 120 more Profoto light shaping tools.

The B10 Backpack

You can literally create any mood or feeling with light. To make this small but powerful package even easier to bring to any location, the manufacturers created a tailored backpack in collaboration with outdoor specialist, Jacob von Matern. The focus of the backpack is functionality, because like the B10, the bag has to work flawlessly. It’s a combination of all of the details in perfect

Color Temperature Controlled Continuous Light

Not only is the B10 easy to carry, but just as importantly, it’s easy to set up anywhere. You can mount it on bolt camera stands or tripod. You can even use it handheld. For many photographers who shoot mostly natural light, flash can be intimidating. One of the features of the B10 that you will find exciting is the color temperature controlled continuous light because you can see in real-time what’s happening in front of you. The fact that you can control the color temperature means that you can blend it with natural light and you can shoot video.

B10 Features

The B10 is the easiest in its family to use, thanks to a great new display and intuitive interface, fewer buttons, fewer menu screens, and large clear numbers give you all of the information clearly and simply.

Another aspect of Profoto ease of use is the Air TTL Triggering System. The B10 can be controlled or triggered wirelessly with a Profoto Air Remote. Just point and shoot using TTL and switch into Manual Mode any time.

Get Your B10 from Us

For the first time, the manufacturers have added smart connectivity to a Profoto light. The new Profoto B10 app lets you upgrade and remote control the B10 from your smartphone. Better still, you can even use the app as a camera to sync with the B10 to light your shot. To get your B10 today, visit Kallos Studios.

Profoto B10 calgary
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