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Meteor / Nec Webinar Registration

Meteor / Nec Webinar Registration

“Success is the era of Hybrid Working”

**On November 18, 2021 Meteor and NEC held a joint webinar on Success in the Era of Hybrid Working**

Why has the way we work Changed?


How Actually Succeed in the new reality.

Click HERE to watch the video of the event


  1. Making Sense of a changed business environment.
  2. Communications at the core of business.
  3. How to prepare your business for what’s to come.

Many Leading Companies are overhauling their workplace practice, and with good reason. Because the Hybrid office is here to stay. Over 70% of employees and 83% of Employers surveyed considered remote working a success.

Enabling Collaboration

When You need to meet “face to face”

Please Contact Meteor Telecommunications to find out how you can enable your workers to work remotely and keep things moving for your business.    

Benefits for enabling a flexible workforce