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UNIVERGE SV8300 Communications ServerA Next-Generation Server for Pure IP or Converged Hybrid Networks

NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server is a powerful enterprise communications solution capable of supporting either a pure IP or converged hybrid network. Reliable, scalable and energy-efficient, it is an advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions for tens of thousands of users. Designed to easily and efficiently scale, the SV8500 meets the needs of the largest enterprises.

As a part of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 commitment to putting people in the center of communications, the SV8500 unifies the enterprise through the high-efficiency technology that large enterprises require. The SV8500 is the premier IP communications server for regional and global expansion, worker mobility and environmental responsibility. It offers an extensive IP feature set in a flexible, scalable, secure package.

The UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server provides:
  • Increased customer satisfaction and lower expenses
  • Reliable business continuity support
  • Support for open standards to simplify business process integration
  • Advanced applications
  • Compliance with green standards
  • Seamless network integration
  • Investment protection

For existing customers, NEC has developed an easy way to transition existing NEAX® 2400 ICS, IMX, UNIVERGE NEAX 2400 IPX or UNIVERGE SV7000 Communications Servers into a full-featured IP communications system that supports advanced business productivity applications. This protects our customer’s initial investment and extends the life of their current voice infrastructure.

Whether a business is an existing customer or one that is new to NEC, they can always be confident in the knowledge that they have the latest communications technology and applications. Because this solution is one of NEC’s global offerings, development for the UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server will continue for years to come.

Additional information:

Meteor Telecommunications and Customer

Meteor Telecommunications provides businesses with Univerge SV 8500 NEC Communication Servers for Enterprise. We are very experienced telecommunications and communications consultants with an extensive 20 years experience in implementing phone and communication systems. Meteor Telecommunications is the NEC dealer, distributor, provider and partner. We provide our services from several locations:  Brampton (head office), Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Ontario, and many other locations all over the Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 595-4444. We look forward to working with you and helping to decrease your communications costs.