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UCE Application Platform (OW5000)

This UC for Enterprise Application Platform (UNIVERGE OW5000) fuses communications tools like presence, status, unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, collaboration and voice/video conferencing into one comprehensive, customizable unified communications solution – UC for Enterprise (UCE).

This application platform is key to NEC’s larger strategy of UNIVERGE®360 role-based communications approach to providing industry-focused business solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, higher education institutions, government organizations and the hospitality industry.

The UCE Application Platform provides:

  • Productivity Enhancing Presence - See coworkers’ availability, status and preferred contact device. Knowing which users are available and having instant access to them can improve your organization’s productivity.
  • A Corporate Directory for Quick, Easy Access to Colleagues - Users can access a corporate-wide directory on their telephone displays. The directory is easily searchable, and changes to its database are immediately available to users.
  • Communication Logs to Ensure Call Information Availability - All incoming and outgoing calls and instant messages are tracked using communication logs – whether those calls are answered or missed. You will always know who tried to communicate with you and when.
  • An Industry-Standard Platform Simplifies Development and Interoperability - NEC’s commitment to industry standards is a key component of our focus on developing long-term customer relationships. We strongly believe in protecting your investment by actively promoting application interoperability.

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