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Panasonic KX-TD816 Telephone System (0+8)

The Panasonic KX-TD816 Telephone System is supplied with 0 lines, and 8 extensions. The Telephone System can be expanded to a maximum of 8 lines, 16 extensions. Expand up to 32 extensions using XDP or connecting the ISDN30 module, 8 channels of Primary Rate ISDN30. In addition 4ccts of analogue lines or 4 channels of ISDN2 (basic rate). Total line capacity is 12.

  • CLI (ISDN feature)
  • Hybrid system
  • Parallel connection
  • Voicemail
  • Least cost routing
  • Call management
  • Line conferencing
  • Paging
  • Call diversion
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • Conference call
  • Battery back-up
  • DDI (ISDN feature)
  • DECT (optional)