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NEC solutions for Hospitality


NEC has a long term proven record of success with the Hospitality Industry. It is a world trusted hospitality solution provider that has achieved recognition for its robust, stable, cost-effective and dependable products. With many awards and industry recognition NEC brings its technology to the table and makes it possible for anyone to employ its benefits.


There are several leading reasons why many hoteliers and hospitality enterprises prefer to use NEC and Meteor Tel services as a bundle. It provides them with an improved value proposition, drives occupancy through stable and quality communications, preserve revenue and rate integrity. Meteor Tel has a successful long term history with NEC, we are proud to represent a partner that can be reliable and effective.


Depending on your needs NEC provides multiple solutions for Hospitality Industry:


Staff Productivity

·         PMS Interface

·         Hospitality Directory

·         Unified Communications

·         Interactive Voice Response


Staff Mobility

·         Mobile Devices

·         Wireless Phones

·         Dual-mode Phones

·         IP DECT Solutions

Guest Services

·         Contact Center

·         Wireless LAN

·         Digital Signage

·         IP Phones

·         Information Analytics

Conference Services

·         Voice Conferencing

·         Video Conferencing

 Property Safety & Security

·         Emergency Notification

·         Emergency Conference

·         Network Management & Security



NEC provides solutions that are ideal for organizations that are concerned with quick decision making, rapid customer response, mobile workers and want to add value to their communications services.


It is important to have the right tools to stay competitive in the current market and economic conditions. With the right communications solution, business can have a huge impact on the bottom-line and productivity. By implementing NEC solutions, you will be able to have a flexible yet reliable communications solution that enables you to be productive and efficient. When Meteor Tel and NEC come together they redefine the way your business and individual employees communicate. The comprehensive solutions provide you with the necessary agility for today’s ever-changing work environment. Meteor Tel offers unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability that can be leveraged to keep your organization competitive in today’s marketplace.