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Put Your Productivity Into Overdrive with CallXpress®

In today's challenging environment, your organization needs to get more work done with less resources and time. That's exactly what CallXpress can help you do. This powerful Unified Communications platform turns your telephone system into a productivity tool. With nearly 30 years of innovation excellence, AVST is focused on delivering solutions that increase user and business productivity. Its flagship Unified Communications platform, CallXpress, offers unprecedented interoperability and delivers advanced call processing, voicemail, unified messaging, personal assistant, fax, speech and notification capabilities.

Here's the best news. It's the most cost-effective solution on the market because it works with what you already have: your existing telephone system, e-mail system and data infrastructure. No other solution offers a higher level of interoperability. CallXpress allows you to leverage your existing investment and still increase productivity, rather than spend money to replace parts of your existing communications infrastructure.



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