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Avaya/Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging System and Nortel Meridian Mail

 Meridian Mail

Avaya/Nortel CallPilot

Increase productivity through unified access to email, voicemail and fax — with richer user experience and lower TCO.

Avaya’s CallPilot solution fulfills the needs of unified messaging for our enterprise customers by providing advanced messaging features without sacrificing traditional voicemail features in an IT friendly solution. CallPilot does this while being intuitive to use, simple to administer and easy to install and maintain. With CallPilot Unified Messaging, Avaya delivers a solid application that will improve productivity and allow your enterprise to operate more efficiently.



Unified communications is the unification of presence, real-time communications (IM, telephony, video and application sharing) and near real-time communications (email, voicemail and fax) into a single user experience, anytime, anywhere, over any device. Unified messaging is an integral component of an overall unified communications strategy. Encompassing the near real-time components of a unified communications solution, unified messaging can give your employees immediate access to messages and from virtually any device.

CallPilot provides powerful mobility solutions that are designed to enhance the efficiency of today’s highly mobile workforce. Imagine the convenience of being able to check your email from any telephone — including your mobile phone. This includes being able to access voicemail, email and even incoming faxes from any PC or PDA. Combined with CallPilot’s advanced text-to-speech capabilities, you can make these time saving features become a reality. The net effect? A competitive advantage, improved user productivity and reduced business costs.


Our breadth of experience and leadership in delivering quality messaging solutions cannot be matched in the industry. CallPilot was modeled after our award winning voicemail application, Meridian Mail, and extended to become a robust unified messaging solution. Because of this, many of the traditional voicemail features that enterprise businesses have come to expect are available in CallPilot Unified Messaging.

One key differentiator that sets CallPilot apart from other unified messaging products is that no software is ever installed on the email servers. Many unified messaging systems require extensive integration with the email server, which can end up impacting email capacity, not to mention the administrative nightmare of implementation and ongoing maintenance. With CallPilot, voice and fax messages are stored safely on the CallPilot Unified Messaging server or optionally on the email server.


• Provides access to email, faxes and voicemail from any touchtone phone or desktop PC
• Improves user productivity and organization through a single messaging access point
• Enables the mobile worker to remain engaged with email by phone, speech activated messaging (SAM), and access to voice and fax messages from mobile email-enabled devices such as PDAs
• Reduces or eliminates training by providing a simple, streamlined user interface
• Does not impact email servers or generate high volumes of LAN or WAN traffic
• Can be used with a variety of client environments, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Group- Wise, Macintosh, Linux and Citrix
• Supports multiple systems, including Avaya Meridian 1*, Avaya Communication Server 1000, Avaya Communication Server 2100, Avaya Meridian* SL-100 and Avaya DMS-100


• Remote Services Activation – Turn on emergency auto attendants remotely
• Auto Attendant – GUI-based Application Builder simplifies building auto attendants
• Voice Forms – An inexpensive way to collect customer information
• Meridian Mail Telephone User Interface (TUI) – No retraining for users familiar with Meridian Mail


The system can be initially installed with core Voice Messaging feature functionality and advanced applications can be added to CallPilot later without adding peripheral hardware elements. The available applications include:

• Unified Messaging: Offers customers the ability to combine voice, fax and e-mail messages into their e-mail client interface (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Qualcomm Eudora).
• Integrated Voice and Fax Messaging: Provides the ability to receive both voice and fax messages into a single mailbox, a truly multimedia mailbox.
• E-mail by Phone: Provides a user access to their e-mail messages via a phone using text-to-speech technology.
• Speech Activated Messaging: Provides a natural, easy to use voice command interface for mobile users to access their voice and e-mail messages hands-free while on a mobile phone.
• Networking: CallPilot can utilize Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) to offer seamless networking to other CallPilot systems, Meridian Mail systems, Norstar systems or other VPIM-compliant vendor systems. AMIS analog networking is also provided to network between legacy voicemail systems.
• Application Builder: Enables the CallPilot administrator(s) to quickly construct caller applications such as Voice Menus and Automated Attendants.

CallPilot Unified Messaging

CallPilot provides you with three powerful ways to maximize the effectiveness of your global workforce:
• Access to voice and fax messages from within the email client
• Access to voice, email and fax messages via the phone
• Access to voice, email and fax messages from any Web browser-enabled PC

These advanced capabilities will help your employees work more efficiently, both as individuals and as members of workgroups, and are designed to help your business provide best-in-class service and support to your customers and business partners.

Access from the email client

CallPilot gives employees unified access to their messages — including voice, fax and email messages — from within the user’s familiar email client. In addition to seeing an envelope that represents e-mail, users will also see telephone and fax machine icons that represent voicemail and incoming faxes. And, voice and fax messages can be accessed from mobile email devices. Additionally, customers using Citrix Metaframe in a Windows terminal server environment can also provide CallPilot Unified Messaging capabilities to their users.

• Voice messages can be retrieved and composed with the click of a mouse from the user’s email inbox. Voice messages can be played and recorded using the PC or the user’s desktop phone, and then sent to other voicemail users or as an attachment via email.
• Faxes can be received directly into the user’s email inbox. Faxes can be printed locally on a desktop or network printer, printed on another fax machine or forwarded to another user. New faxes can also be created and sent, using a custom cover page, to one or multiple users.
• Email can be accessed and replied to quickly and easily, whether the user is in their office at the corporate site or halfway around the world. Supported email client environments include Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise.

Access by phone

With CallPilot, retrieving voice and email messages from any phone is as easy as speaking the word “Play”. Users can review their email by phone using the powerful CallPilot Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature, which is capable of reading email aloud in different languages and automatically detecting the language. Just pick up any phone, including a mobile phone, and you’ll be able to listen to your email. CallPilot also enables users to easily scan, play back, save or forward their regular voicemail messages.

Access from a Web browser

The My CallPilot Web interface provides users with access to their voice, fax and email mes¬sages from any Web browser, at any location. Users can also manage their personal mailbox from My CallPilot and access user guides and support information. My CallPilot makes it easy for users to manage personal distribution lists, notification options, greetings, passwords and more — all from an intuitive Web user inter¬face. And, for Macintosh and Linux users, a My CallPilot Web client is also available.

CallPilot Unified Messaging further improves user productivity by providing a number of features that will simplify day-to-day communications. Some of these include:

• Contact Sender allows users to initiate a tele¬phone call to the sender of a voice, fax or email message with the click of their mouse. No directory look-up or dialing — CallPilot will do it for you and save you time.
• Click-to-Call with CallPilot gives users the ability to initiate a telephone call from any directory entry. Again, no directory look-up or dialing. Just point and click and let CallPilot do the rest.
• Instant Messaging with CallPilot will bridge the gap between the messaging world and the world of real-time communications. With this feature, users can respond to messages using their familiar instant messaging client with the click of their mouse. And, CallPilot provides the senders presence status within the CallPilot message using color-coded icons.
Contact Center integration††
Companies that have implemented a Avaya Contact Center solution can also take advantage of powerful new voice services offered by the synergy delivered with the integration of CallPilot and Contact Center.
• Callers who are waiting to speak with an agent can briefly leave the queue, leave a voice message and then re-enter the queue without losing their place in line.
• Broadcast announcements can be played informing callers of special promotions, with up to 50 callers supported by a single CallPilot port.
• Saves money by reducing the need for a costly interactive voice response and recorded announcements solution.
• Open voice sessions prompt callers for information and supply expected wait times.
• Auto attendant prompts can be changed remotely through remote services activation. Emergency off-site changes can be accomplished with ease.
• CallPilot can interoperate with Contact Center Multimedia forwarding customer voicemails and faxes to multimedia skillsets. Agents never have to check for voicemails.

CallPilot in the network

CallPilot provides several key network functions, including:

• Compatibility with location-specific and network-wide broadcasts.
• Enables a single CallPilot server to meet the needs of enterprise networks spanning multiple time zones, resulting in reduced equipment costs and simplified system management.
• Supports “Names Across the Network” name dialing, name addressing and spoken name verification via IP-based VPIM networking. This advanced technology improves network transparency to users, and reduces the potential for misdelivered messages.
• CallPilot directory synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP makes it easy to manage subscriber information.



CallPilot provides several key security features including message encryption and user-level password reset. It also supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for an even greater level of protection of your Unified Messaging communications.

Deployment and management simplicity

Deploying CallPilot Unified Messaging to users is quick and easy. Administrators can quickly deploy the CallPilot desktop messaging email plug-in using automated corporate software delivery systems such as Microsoft SMS and IBM Tivoli. And, with My CallPilot Web messaging, there is no user software to install, making it even easier to deploy unified messaging. Since CallPilot does not interfere or impact the email server, no additional adjustments to the existing email environment are required, which will please the IS department and remove obstacles for the deployment of unified messaging within your organization.

CallPilot Manager provides Web-based administration, reporting and configuration capabilities from any location. By enabling the network to be managed either from the central site or from a remote location, this innovative Web-based solution increases the effectiveness of key administrative personnel, reducing the total cost of network ownership. The CallPilot Manager application can be accessed from any browser-enabled PC, eliminating the need to install client software on the remote workstations. Management capabilities include routine management, report generation, wizard-based setups and documentation.

A winning choice

Staying connected to customers and business affiliates, while increasing productivity and reducing operating expenses, is key in today’s fast-paced business environment. CallPilot can give your business the advantage it needs to become successful in a world where customers require an immediate response. Whether it’s boosting employee productivity for office workers or enabling better productivity for an organization with mobile workers, CallPilot Unified Messaging has delivered on its promise of messaging anywhere, anytime, without limits.

Nortel Meridian Mail

The Meridian Mail is Nortel's traditional voicemail system. It delivers a multiplicity of call and message handling features ranging from basic mailbox ability to the full voicemail services. The Meridian Mail system is suited with all Meridian 1 and Meridian Option series PBX phone switches and can be adjusted to contain a number of utilities of CallPilot. The Meridian Mail is available in releases 1-13 with the latest release including the maximum available functionality. The Latest release is Meridian Mail rel.13 and includes the same prompts as release 11 with some extended enhancements and all new features.

Key Features as of Release 13

•    SNMP Support - provides extra security to the system by notifying system administrators with a prompt in the event of specified system errors.
•    Text Messaging - delivers the ability to send and receive messages of up to 160 characters. It can be used both to send text messages from user to user or the system can send text alerts to the administrator.
•    Delete Unread Messages – Delivers a control of how many days’ unread messages are reserved in a user's mailbox.
•    Nested System Distribution List - Distribution lists allow voice mail users to send messages to groups of mailboxes as if they were a single mailbox. The database saves all the lists and gives an access to them at any time by authorized users.
•    Remote Notification Class of Service - permits users to identify up to 100 sets of characteristics for external devices used on the system. This option allows external devices such as PC's, cell phones, etc. to have an access to the voicemail system.
•    Message Sort Order - gives Meridian Mail users the ability to organize their mailbox to their need.
•    Meridian Mail User Interface Speed Control Enhancement –control the message playback speed.
•    Meridian Mail User Interface Volume Control - Allows to control mail playback volume
•    Multiple Message Waiting Indication DNs - Indicators for messages to be sent to individuals or the whole workgroup with a specification on the message (Example: when and if the indicator is activated, or if one is available only for the urgent messages, etc.)
•    Disable Message Reception - this feature can be used to prevent voicemail reception for users who will be away for extended periods, who go over mailbox limits, etc. Messages can be blocked for all mail reception, mail over mailbox limits, or when a TAG is recorded.
•    Remote Notification 30 Digit Pin Plus Callback Number - Provides users with pagers notification of messages along with callback number based on pager identification number (PIN)

Meteor Telecommunications and Customer

MeteorTelecommunications provides business with Avaya/Nortel product line. We are an experienced professionals when it comes to implementing Avaya/Nortel products and solutions, we’ve proved our success with Avaya/Nortel portfolio implementation with many existing customers choosing Avaya/Nortel for their business, we’ve added many and continuing to grow our client group. We provide our services from several locations:  Brampton (head office), Ottawa, Hamilton in Ontario, and many other locations all over the Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 595-4444. We look forward to working with you and helping to decrease your communications costs.