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Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1

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Meteor Telecommunications is more then glad to provide you with Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1.


Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1 (AACC 6.1) is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multi-media customer contact solution that allows enterprises to anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions. AACC 6.1 intelligently routes up to six simultaneous multimedia contacts to the most appropriate resource through a unified agent interface. By creating a complete view of the customer and the context of their interaction, AACC 6.1 allows enterprises and organizations to manage the customer experience in a way that consistently delivers a superior level of engagement. AACC 6.1 enables the ability to reach out to customers proactively, combines historic and real-time contextual information about a customer to improve the quality of interactions, optimizes agent utilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver superior customer experience and drive sustainable business growth.




A software application that runs on commercial off-the-shelf servers, Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1 is the ideal solution for customers who need the flexibility of an open, reliable multimedia solution. In addition it is also the next upgrade step for customers who have deployed:

• Avaya Aura Call Center Elite for customers who want to add powerful multimedia channel capability to their Elite voice systems
• Avaya Contact Center Express
• Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2 and Avaya Aura for Midsize Enterprise CM 5.2.1
• Avaya NES SCCS, Contact Center 6.0, 7.0 or 7.1 over the Application Messaging Link to Avaya CS1000
• Avaya NES CC 7.0 or 7.1 using a SIP/OCS based integration to Avaya CS1000
• Avaya NES CC 7.1 Express via SIP on Avaya CS1000

Features and Benefits

Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1 includes many new and enhanced capabilities that help enterprises and organizations improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and profitability, and enhance agent and supervisor productivity while reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs. AACC 6.1 addresses the needs of all stakeholders including the line-of-business manager, contact center manager, IS/IT manager and agents. The following are some of the key capabilities:

Agent Efficiency

• Avaya AuraTM Agent Desktop: This unified agent desktop allows agents to simultaneously handle multiple contacts of various media types. The e-mail editor, auto suggest, auto response, web push and context sensitive handling capabilities substantially enhance agent productivity while minimizing training requirements.

• Agent quality, motivation and performance: The ability to offer flexible, at-home teleworking arrangements, allows contact center managers to hire the best agents, motivate them, improve performance and reduce agent turnover. Avaya AuraTM Offsite Agent is an optional add-on feature that is currently supported for contact center deployments with Avaya CS1000.

• Proactive interaction: Preview and Progressive outbound dialing enables enterprises and organizations to utilize their agents for revenue generating activities. The ability to reach out to customers with timely information increases up-sell opportunities, resulting in higher revenues and profitability. It also helps shape the type and number of inbound contacts.

Supervisor Effectiveness

• Service Creation Environment (SCE): The drag and drop menus in the graphical user interface of the SCE makes it easier and more efficient to develop routing scripts with fewer errors, easing the need for specialized resources. More importantly, it makes it easier and faster to modify workflows to meet changing business requirements.

• Simplified Administration: Common, web-based administration for contact center supervisors and managers reduces configuration complexity, eliminates duplication, reduces errors, and lowers implementation time and cost. It also allows contact center managers to maintain multiple contact center nodes over the web from a single point.

• Unified Reporting: On-board reporting with standard or customized, tabular and graphical, historical and real time displays with dynamic filtering provide easy-to-read information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contact summaries and consolidated reports. This reduces the time spent analyzing data and allows more time for coaching agents so that both agent and supervisor productivity can be greatly improved.

Architecture, Scalability, Security & Reliability

• Open standards based solution: The Avaya AuraTM Contact Center 6.1 SIP-based architecture makes it easy to develop, implement and maintain screen pops reducing time, effort and cost required to launch new capabilities to further enrich the context and information presented to agents. Standards based Web Services simplify the integration between the contact center and back office applications allowing enterprises and organizations to quickly and easily adapt to changes. For example, the Avaya Open Queue Web Service allows any media type to be routed into the contact center, including social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, a Web Service integration is provided for quick and easy integration with, as well as other CRM systems. The SIP based solution simplifies the architecture, and reduces the need for expensive and time consuming CTI deployments.

• Low server foot print and scalability: Avaya AuraTM Contact Center 6.1 is appropriate for a wide range of deployments from single-server to midsize and large enterprise deployments. Multi-site, virtual contact center deployment is supported on Avaya CS1000 for up to 30 nodes.
• Enhanced security and authentication: Enhancements to security include single sign-on and authentication with Microsoft Active Directory reducing repetitive authentication.

• Reliability: Real-time shadowing and automatic switchover for all core application components: call processing, multi-media, administration and CTI, with zero-touch recovery ensures seamless uninterrupted operation.

• Virtualization: Support for both Microsoft Hyper V and VMWare virtualization environments facilitates server consolidation and deployment flexibility saving CAPEX and OPEX.
• Rich 3rd party developer ecosystem: SIP, SOA and Web services interfaces encourage a rich ecosystem of third party application developers to develop and integrate applications to meet the specific needs of enterprises.

An Integrated Contact Center Suite

• Avaya AuraTM Call Center Elite: Now Avaya AuraTM Call Center Elite customers can add an affordable multi-channel solution with Avaya AuraTM Contact Center. While preserving investments in Elite voice based call center capabilities, business can add intelligent routing of e-mail, web chat, SMS text, fax and scanned documents for agent handling.

• Avaya Voice Portal (AVP): Avaya Voice Portal 5.1 can be used as an IVR front end to Avaya AuraTM Contact Center. AVP is a software based platform that provides intelligent agent selection with segmentation and offers advanced wait treatments. AVP also includes an advanced development environment, Dialogue Designer, that is used for quickly developing process and workflows.

• Avaya AuraTM Workforce Optimization (AAWFO): Avaya AuraTM Workforce Optimization is a unified suite of applications for analyzing and optimizing customer interactions within the contact center across every touch point. The AAWFO solution provides companies with the information they need to make intelligent decisions about agents and processes, and to improve the quality of customer service they deliver.

• Avaya Contact Center Control Manager (ACCCM): Avaya Contact Center Control Manager provides centralized operational administration exclusively for Avaya Contact Center Applications (i.e. Avaya AuraTM Contact Center, Call Center Elite, etc.). This allows one-time definition and on-going management of the following entities and data relevant to contact center systems: Agents, Skills, Vector Directory Number, extensions, call flows, Integrated Voice Response working hours, dynamic prompts and menu content.

Customer satisfaction

• Increased access options: Intelligent routing of up to six multimedia contacts including voice, Instant Messaging (IM), Web Chat, SMS text, e-mail, voice mail, fax and scanned documents through an open, universal queue offers customers numerous contact options. The multimedia capability helps enterprises and organizations promote the concept of ‘always-open-for-business’, increasing customer options and ease of access.

• Context preservation: Information such as the customer’s immediate prior activity, historical data and social attributes help anticipate user needs and facilitates higher rates of First Contact Resolution (FCR), and enhances contact center efficiency. Anchoring the customer contact on the SIP Media Application Server ensures that agents, experts and supervisors have access to information about the customer’s context. Customer context information will be used by the work assignment engine in the future to fine tune the match between incoming customer interactions or work and available contact center and enterprise resources.

• Social media integration: Ease of integration with social networks provides options for business managers to nurture, build and promote brand image, and equally importantly, resolve issues before they balloon out of proportion. Avaya AuraTM Contact Center 6.1 integrates with Avaya Social Media Manager which analyzes and categorizes Twitter and Facebook contacts so that they can be prioritized and routed into the contact center for handling by an agent.

The Value for You

Avaya’s vision for next generation customer care is about delivering superior Experience Management. Increased competition, changing demographics, the growth of new communications media, and more demanding customers, require businesses to consistently deliver higher-value customer service and effectively manage their customer’s experience.
Context is critical to Experience Management. Knowledge of customer’s most recent activity, past history, purchase behavior, and preferences provides a wealth of information and a rich context for the interaction. Businesses that harness this context to deliver superior experience differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Avaya AuraTM Contact Center 6.1 is a standards-based customer contact solution that allows enterprises and organizations to:

• Offer more customer access options to improve satisfaction and loyalty
• Improve agent utilization and productivity through multiple contact handling and agent efficiency features
• Use real-time and historical customer data to frame the appropriate context for each and every interaction and first contact resolution
• Equip managers to administer the contact center, analyze performance through unified reporting, learn and apply best-practices to continuously improve the agility of the contact center
• Manage the customer’s experience, both assisted and automated, to quickly solve customer issues and increase profitable revenue opportunities
• Evolve from queuing and routing to Resource Selection and Work Assignment
• Use SIP, SOA and Web services to flexibly connect and open the enterprise, eliminate cost and complexity and facilitate integration to business processes and social media
• Provide migration paths to protect, extend and grow investments, optimize cost and improve performance
• Ease deployment of reliable, resilient contact centers with uninterrupted operation
Enterprises and organizations can achieve these benefits while preserving existing infrastructure investments and enhancing flexibility, tightening security, augmenting service availability and saving CAPEX and OPEX.

Avaya Contact Center Express (CCE) 5.0

Meteor Telcommunications
is more then glad to provide you with Avaya Contact Center Express 5.0.

CCE 5.0 adds new capabilities described within this solution brief including enhancements to email routing, agent chat greetings, and integration with Avaya Voice Portal, Call Recording, and Workforce Management. CCE provides multi channel contact center capabilities that translate into tangible business results.


All organizations face mounting pressures to deal with increased competition, lowered budgets, and sophisticated customer expectations for services. These challenges are often compounded due to competition and limited organizational resources. Compared with larger enterprises, the midsize business has to:

• Deal with faster changing business cycles and fiercer competitive landscapes
• Reduce costs permanently, with fewer levers than the large enterprises with whom they compete
• Drive efficiencies throughout the business, requiring smaller support teams to be more effective
• Differentiate from larger competitors to stay in business
• Gain competitive advantage as products become more commoditized and price to value is prioritized

Essentially, business leaders need to get ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations, deliver value and provide a differentiated customer experience. This needs to be accomplished in a way that optimizes resources and expertise across the business, while lowering operating expenses.

When buying technology to address these imperatives, businesses typically look for packaged solutions that provide a high degree of functionality and are easy to implement and maintain. Avaya’s contact center solution for midsize businesses, Contact Center Express (CCE), meets these objectives. CCE enables large enterprise sophistication and differentiation, business efficiencies, location independence, and an efficient deployment model… all at a price point for the midsize business.

Business Benefits

In good times and even in the midst of uncertainty, good customer service is critical for long term business stability or even to the continued existence of the organization.

Avaya Contact Center Express is a multi purpose customer service solution. CCE delivers a reliable, integrated, affordable multi-media contact center suite that provides rich and compelling customer experiences for midsize firms or divisions of large enterprises who are looking for ways to achieve operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

CCE offers options for contact handling that allows customers to be treated in an efficient manner and for the business to respond effectively to customer needs. The ability of CCE to intelligently route contacts to the right agent at the right time can help a business enable greater customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs and delivering greater business value. CCE provides functionality that easily and quickly adapts to business without requiring hefty investments or a large IT staff.

Value Driven Results

• Improve customer satisfaction by offering customers their preferred method of interaction (e.g. voice, email, chat and SMS).
• Increase investment value by building upon existing Avaya Communication Manager, Call Center Elite, and Call Management System platform.
• Enable business anywhere and scale operations as conditions change by employing strategies such as home agent, remote worker, and universal agent while integrating these with the business ecosystem of branches, partners, and suppliers.
• Optimize contact center operations by improving the handling and tracking of customer requests through contact center routing and management capabilities.
• Optimize productivity and increase agent effectiveness by using CTI screen pops, unified agent desktop, and universal work queue for multi-channel and blended inbound/outbound communication.
• Increase customer loyalty by leveraging information from previous interactions or purchases to create a personalized experience.
• Enable competitive differentiation and build lasting relationships by implementing effective customer relationship strategies across all contact channels.

Leading Edge Capabilities

Avaya Contact Center Express provides a full featured contact center offer with applications for multi-channel, inbound and outbound contact, and basic integrated real-time and historical reporting.


Contact Center Express is based on Avaya’s market leading Avaya Communication Manager (CM), and Call Center Elite software. CCE is modular so it is flexible to accommodate change as businesses grow and evolve. CCE also provides robust multi-channel routing capabilities for today’s contact centers, and can manage the collection, queuing, and delivery of voice and non-voice work items, such as e-mail and text or web chat sessions, to an appropriately skilled agent. CCE employs powerful routing algorithms resident in Avaya Call Center Software to determine the right resource for the right contact. And, CCE integrates seamlessly with Avaya Voice Portal for self-service options and with Avaya CMS for advanced reporting and customization.

Avaya Contact Center Express allows customers to make contact via voice, e-mail, fax, text or instant messaging. Regardless of whether the customer prefers speaking on a telephone, sending e-mails, texting on a smart phone, or chatting over the internet, CCE provides a universal work queue by leveraging an Avaya ACD for all supported channels. In other words, a contact will be placed in a single queue and then routed to an agent with relevant tools, skills, and knowledge to handle the request.
Easy to implement and simple to use, Contact Center Express also delivers:

• Out-of-the-box desktop applications for agents and supervisors
• Framework applications: intelligent routing, interaction data and centralized configuration
• Outbound preview dialing, automated or agent-initiated
• Powerful application development tools for complete customization and integration
• Simple and fast wizards for desktop screen pops and routing rules

Leveraging Features and Technology for Business Benefit

• Leverage the right resource at the right time. By capturing resource skill sets in the routing database, contacts are routed to the right resource by skill type, regardless of contact channel. Universal agents who support multi-channel contacts can improve response time measurements for meeting service level commitments and operational efficiency improvements.

• Contact Center Express reporting. Reporting is pivotal to a contact center’s success. CCE captures performance reporting on all real time and historical activity in the contact center environment. Supervisors can choose to display the information (agent state, device state, VDN state, queue state, agent history and customer history) in grid format or report layout. CCE provides built-in basic real time and historical reports. For more sophisticated contact center reporting Avaya CMS is available to have a better overview on contact center performance.

• Expand agent pool and increase first call resolution by engaging experts. A business associate’s availability to assist can be determined and the associate with the desired skill can be brought to a customer call on an ad hoc basis.

• Agent Initiated Preview Contact solves costly proactive customer contact issues. From callbacks to targeted campaigns, use simple and effective outbound dialing tools to increase the accuracy of customer contact in an outbound environment.

• Simple wizards facilitate ease of use. Built in wizards make configuration easier and faster. By leveraging best practices in contact center set up, Avaya has created pre-defined desktop screen pops and routing rule definitions. Timelines are shorter allowing business operations to commence more rapidly.

• Enhance customer experience through advanced treatment. Unique algorithms and capabilities such as Expected Wait Time, Abandoned Call Assistant, and Customer Requested Call Back deliver operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

• CCE presence. The CCE voice presence window allows an agent to monitor the status of other call center agents or business associates. Through voice presence, one’s availability can be determined – on the telephone, logged in/out, available, or doing other work – and based on this knowledge, the agent can engage available resources for customer contact as needed.

• Expand Agent knowledge with Customer History. Contact Center Express customer history displays a list of previous customer contacts and gives the ability to view any contact to ensure more consistent service.

• Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector. This allows office workers to call individuals in Microsoft Contacts and Accounts lists, and view contact screen-pops with inbound contacts.

• Integrated Wallboard application. It displays real-time and statistical information on VDNs, skills or splits and agents in a marquee window. Installed on agent PCs, the scroll bar of information allows agents to closely track their personal work performance and the performance of their work group (skill or split).

• Chat Canned Messages. Agents using chat canned messages are able to make use of personal or corporate specific messages such as “Hello, my name is Sally, how may I help you?” In addition, an agent can configure an email address in the event that no agent is available or a customer attempts to contact a call center after hours. Chat messages can also be used to inform or advertise information about a new or existing promotion.

• Keyword Based Routing. Allows the administrator to identify keywords which characterizes the content of an Email. Keywords can be defined and associated with a group of experts enabling better routing and helping to provide higher quality and faster email responses.

• Voice Portal Integration. Through the integration of Voice Portal Express, customers will gain an “all in one” contact center suite experience by configuring Voice Portal Express within CCE control panel in addition to improving their customer service. Voice Portal Express is sold separately.

• Work force Management (WFM) integration. Managing the agent workforce requires sophisticated WFM tools. By automatically forecasting staffing requirements to meet call volumes and automating agent scheduling, workforce management ensures that businesses have the right workforce, with the right skills, to better serve customers. Avaya Workforce Management is sold separately.

• CCE uses a plug-in architecture. The plug-in architecture enables configuration of only relevant capabilities on both CCE Desktop and server components. For example, CCE Desktop gives agents single screen visibility to work items from which they can be given the capability to reply to customers, search a directory for a telephone number or e-mail address, record customer notes, insert auto text, spell check replies, print work items, or initiate outbound communications. CCE Desktop can also be simply configured to launch external applications.

• Common administration application. In addition to administering CCE servers, the common administration application enables administrators to easily create and change all required contact center components of Communication Manager — VDN, Skills, Agents, and Agent Stations — from within the CCE administration application.

• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is fundamental. Contact Center Express uses and includes application design support for Web Services technologies such as SOAP/ XML. Included with CCE is Web Services Description Language (WSDL) for interface definition and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) over extensible Markup Language (XML) for Web Services integration.

• Powerful and flexible framework. Contact Center Express provides a set of capabilities and tools to build a complete solution for business needs: from customer contact through contact management and contact center operations. CCE includes the tools necessary to empower business success.

• Powerful desktop applications. CCE provides applications to shorten the timeline to readiness. Now working with contact center features can occur in days, not weeks, using robust Agent, Supervisor and Administration applications for the contact center.

• Application development tools are included. In addition to high out of the box functionality, for desired modifications, simple tools enable complete customization and integration capabilities to enable easy personalization within the contact center and across the business.

These components come together to create an unparalleled contact center platform that enables an exceptional customer experience and tremendous customer insight for segmentation and treatment – all managed in a consistent, uniform format. CCE is the only solution in the midsize business space that fully exploits Avaya’s most trusted Communication Manager and ACD platform, and that provides investment protection by leveraging many of the Avaya’s leading, award winning Enterprise products as business needs and/or scale grow.

Avaya NES Contact Centre

Meteor Telecommunications provides clients with the robust Avaya NES Contact Centre which is an easy, out-of-box contact center solution design specifically to satisfy new, growing or established call center.

Avaya NES Contact Center significantly expands functionality while greatly simplifying the tools used to implement, maintain, manage and use the system on a daily basis. Your business gains the flexibility to exceed customer expectations while maximizing operational effectiveness. As a modular, scalable, standards-based solution, Avaya NES Contact Center delivers the advantages of an all-in-one solution without the drawbacks: you can purchase just what you need, when you need it.

So whether you’re starting a new center, looking to manage multiple channels of communication or want to integrate outbound customer campaigns, Avaya NES Contact Center is the better and easier way to meet your objectives.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Avaya NES Contact Center helps you achieve a new standard of personalized customer service with ultimate flexibility, making you more relevant to your customers. All contacts are routed to the best person the first time using advanced, intelligent skill-based routing, saving time and enhancing customer retention. Recognizing individual skills also boosts employee job satisfaction and provides a path for future career growth, reducing turnover.

You can:

•    Unify customer contacts for consistently excellent service
•    Streamline service rep desktop information
•    Integrate outbound to proactively engage your customers
•    Manage easily from almost anywhere
•    Put information in the form needed
•    Simplify business integration
•    Gain higher performance and improved capacity
•    Expand flexibility
•    Enhance business resiliency.
•    Meet your customers on their terms

Boost First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution has a direct correlation with improved customer satisfaction. By integrating unified communications (UC) within the Avaya NES Contact Center, many businesses are finding that first contact resolution rates can be dramatically improved. The Avaya NES Contact Center solution offers a single agent desktop interface that lets agents view the presence of experts and communicate with experts via Instant Messaging (IM), solving customer inquiries faster and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Harness the Power of IP

Avaya NES Contact Center delivers a simple  IP infrastructure, with one wire to the desktop, making it easier and faster to implement with unified management for quick moves, adds and changes. A converged infrastructure supports business growth with a smaller staff and reduces operating costs. You’re more responsive and able to deliver unrivalled service that’s necessary for building long-lasting customer loyalty.

Break Down Walls and Boundaries

Gain freedom when you eliminate walls and boundaries to leverage remote and mobile staff. Virtualizing your Avaya NES Contact Center enhances productivity, especially when scaling to meet peak demand. Up to 30 sites and 100,000 service reps can be located anywhere and managed centrally as a single entity, integrating all voice, e-mail, IM, Web chat and other multimedia transactions. Numerous and compelling benefits include: improved staff morale due to flexible work schedules and locations; expanded scalability to handle peak demand by drawing on employees across multiple locations; business coverage spanning multiple time zones to offer round-the-clock service; and intelligent skill-based routing to deliver callers to the most appropriate service rep wherever the rep is located, resulting in reduced transaction times.

Meet Customers on Their Terms

Embrace your demanding, ever-changing customer community by choosing Meteor Telecommunications as the provider of Avaya NES Contact Center to meet customers on their terms. You’ll be able to offer superior, convenient, consistent personalized service every day of the year. Whether your customers love sending instant messages, adore Web self-service or happen to call using a mobile phone, you can give them a breakthrough customer experience.

Enhance Quality for Exceptional Service

You can record, evaluate and analyze complete customer interactions to help assure quality performance for exceptional service. With Avaya Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring you can increase customer loyalty and maximize revenue, one customer interaction at a time.

Maximize Business Continuity and Security

Avaya NES Contact Center offers standby and high availability server options as well as geographic and campus redundancy solutions that mirror sites and remove single points of failure, maximizing contact center uptime and resiliency. Combined with state-of-the-art security and firewall support, Avaya software quality and mature platforms have “five-nines” reliable Avaya NES Contact Center architecture.

Gain the Flexibility Edge

The innovative Avaya NES Contact Center approach enables your business to obtain a flexibility edge. For example, sophisticated Avaya NES Contact Centers can be configured and running in no time at all and adding functionality like screen pops, soft phones, e-mail response, blended outbound campaigns and Web communication is easier than ever. You can tailor capabilities to exceed the expectations of your most demanding customers while creating a competitive differential. The Avaya NES Contact Center solution offers a variety of SOA-based Web Services/open interfaces that can be used to simplify and speed the process of enabling business integration with Avaya NES Contact Center applications. Open interfaces deliver a high level of business agility, enabling you to speed development of processes and to automate processes that were previously tedious and time-consuming.

Simplify across the Board

Avaya NES Contact Center helps you simplify across the board. Everything you need to set-up, run and manage your Avaya NES Contact Center is provided in an intuitive browser-based tool that can be used from anywhere your staff has secure Internet access. This powerful tool provides supervisors, managers and administrators with comprehensive user-friendly real-time displays, historical reports and configuration capabilities, helping them make better business decisions and improve overall effectiveness. Additionally, the integral Avaya Report Generation Wizard delivers an impressive ability to generate custom reports that combine information from multiple sources to gain actionable intelligence.

Meteor Telecommunications and Customer

MeteorTelecommunications provides business with Avaya/Nortel product line. We are an experienced professionals when it comes to implementing Avaya/Nortel products and solutions, we’ve proved our success with Avaya/Nortel portfolio implementation with many existing customers choosing Avaya/Nortel for their business, we’ve added many and continuing to grow our client group. We provide our services from several locations:  Brampton (head office), Ottawa, Hamilton in Ontario, and many other locations all over the Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 595-4444. We look forward to working with you and helping to decrease your communications costs.