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Avaya/Nortel BCM50/50e/450 and Avaya/Nortel BCM200/400

Avaya BCM50/400
 Avaya BCM200/450

Business Communications Manager is the award-winning Linux based IP/TDM PBX convergence system for small and medium enterprises. It offers one common feature-rich software stream on the Business Communications Manager 50/50E/450 or Business Communications Manager 200/400 platforms.

This system is ideal for companies that want to streamline internal operations, improve remote communications, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. Business Communications Manager delivers a common browser-based management platform that delivers unified communications capabilities, proven and reliable voice processing, and an extensive range of feature-rich business telephony applications.

Meteor Telecommunications is the distributor/reseller/provider/dealer that a client can rely on. We deliver, install, maintain and provide other support to the Avaya BCM Systems right when and where you need them!


Avaya/Nortel Business Communications Manager 50/50E/450 (BCM50/BCM450) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Technical Specifications

Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) is an integrated communications system designed for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices and is capable of delivering both IP-enabled and pure-IP solutions. Business Communications Manager integrates KSU/PBX capabilities, voice over IP (VoIP) gateway functions and Quality of Service (QoS) data routing features in a single system.


Business Communications Manager is available on four Base Unit hardware platforms — the Business Communications Manager 50 and Business Communications Manager 450. The Business Communications Manager 450 can accommodate up to 10 Media Bay Modules (MBM) — four of them in the main unit and six in the Expansion unit. The Business Communications Manager 450 can support up to 300 digital or IP telephones. The Business Communications Manager 50 can be expanded with up to two Business Communications Manager 50 expansion cabinets — each with the ability to accommodate one MBM. The Business Communications Manager 50 has integrated support for up to 32 IP Telephones.

Business Communications Manager 50 and 450 support an interface to American Power Conversion (APC) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), allowing continued operation of telecom equipment during short power outages and a graceful shut-down during longer outages. APC is a global leader in power availability solutions, sets the standard in its industry for quality, innovation and support, and is already the product of choice for many of Avaya’s partners and customers.

The Intelligent APC UPS interface feature allows for the graceful shutdown of Business Communications Manager under power fail situations and the ability to provide a warning message under these shutdown conditions. Specifically, the APC UPS is configured to shut down the Business Communications Manager two minutes before the battery is discharged.

The ability to initiate graceful shutdown of the Business Communications Manager when the UPS battery is almost depleted is only provided on Business Communications Manager 50/450. A halt shutdown is supported on Business Communications Manager 1000 if equipped with release 2.5 or higher.

APC Smart UPS is supported on Business Communications Manager 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 through the UPS serial cable interface. All Business Communications Manager releases are connected to the APC Smart UPS through a USB interface.Both the serial interface and APC’s PowerChute Plus management software are integrated with the Unified Manager UPS configuration software and the UPS status monitor software. The serial interface supports only one UPS to Business Communications Manager connection.

Based on the power requirements of the Business Communications Manager, the suggested APC system for most Business Communications Manager applications is the APC Smart-UPS RT (SURTA1500RMXL2U). It is a rack-mounted unit that comes with the ability to supply 1500VA/1050W. It can be expanded with additional battery packs  (SURTA48RMXLBP) to provide additional runtime. Up to four additional battery packs can be added. An alternative to the APC Smart UPS is the APC Back-up UPS RS (Back-UPS RS 1500VA). The APC Back-up UPS cannot be monitored and managed through the LAN network, but it does support a direct monitoring and management connection to the Business Communications Manager through the USB interface (for Business Communications Manager 450, 50 and 4.0) or Serial interface (for Business Communications Manager 3.7 and earlier). The APC Back-up UPS can be expanded with one additional battery pack. Only Business Communications Manager 50, 450 and 4.0 support to control the APC Back-UPS RS though USB. For Business Communications Manager 3.7 and earlier, a patch is available to add the functionality. APC products are not supplied by Avaya, but are available from most Avaya partners.

Business Communications Managers can be configured with a variety of feature options, MBMs and telephone sets, resulting in very different power consumption profiles. Power consumption will also depend a great deal on the level of activity on telephone sets, telephone lines and LAN connections. The length of time that a UPS will be able to sustain the operation of a Business Communications Manager will depend greatly on the amount of telecom activity, as well as the MBMs and options installed. The data in Tables 1 to 4 shows expected UPS runtime under typical and heavy load for the Business Communications Manager 50, 50 Expansion cabinet, 450 and Expansion cabinet. Note that the Expansion cabinet can be ordered with redundant feature options including redundant power supply, redundant chassis fans and redundant hard drives. The Business Communications Manager 450 can be equipped with a redundant power supply.

Very often, IT rooms even in small business settings are cooled with air conditioners to help prolong the life of the equipment inside. In order to help properly calculate the size of air conditioner needed, the heat output data of different Business Communications Manager models under different load conditions are listed in Table 5.

Avaya/Nortel Business Communications Manager 200/400 (BCM200/BCM400) -

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Avaya Business Communications Manager System —an all-in-one platform for the converged communication needs of small to mid-sized business sites. Business Communications Manager is distinctive in providing a choice of IP or traditional telephony or a mixture of both — and smooth migration from one to the other when it makes best sense for you.

Business Communications Manager models offer choices for every application — from small businesses or branch offices with only a handful of extensions, to a multi-location business with hundreds of voice and data ports — at a price point to suit any site.

• Business Communications Manager 200 is ideal for sites with 20 to 32 users, offering flexible deployment and two expansion slots for configuration and growth options.

• Business Communications Manager 400 serves sites with 30 to 200 users, with four expansion chassis for configuration and growth options.

Both models offer key technologies that can help your business compete more effectively, such as support for both IP and digital telephony, voice, fax and unified messaging, IP networking among sites, Internet/intranet access, contact centers with skills-based routing and convergence. And both models enable advanced applications with multimedia contact centers, interactive voice response for self-service, mobility solutions and more. Since Business Communications Manager is an integrated solution,
you know these applications will work together. You won’t get lost in a maze of standalone devices, software upgrades or a tangle of cabling — everything you need is right there in one compact chassis that can be managed from a single, intuitive software application.

Transform communications from basic utility into competitive advantage.

For dynamic organizations that expect to grow and change, Business Communications Manager platforms are the answer — delivering both clear value today and over the long term as your organization’s needs and business requirements evolve. Improve customer and client approval with prompt and efficient call handling that enables callers to reach you anytime, anywhere. For example, with automated attendant, interactive voice response and voice messaging functions, customers can make inquiries, place orders or schedule service any time of the day or night. With direct inward dial (DID), callers can reach the desired person or department without having to go through a receptionist or IVR system, even when using analog trunks (analog DID Media Bay Module not supported in EMEA). Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction with a rich portfolio of convenient communications features, secure Internet access and the means for users to stay in touch when away from their desks. For example, call forward and redirect features enable you to customize internal call routing as staff members visit other offices, move or change responsibilities.

Increase revenues with contact center and self-service applications that make it easier for customers to do business with you. For example, skills-based routing sends callers promptly to the agent most qualified to help them. Computer telephony integration (CTI) puts important call-related information at the agent’s fingertips. Reduce costs by streamlining administration, centralizing applications for many sites, using your existing LAN and the Internet to efficiently and securely transmit voice and fax calls, and capitalizing on new IP services. Optimize the network with your choice of configurations and protocols, simultaneous support for digital and IP telephones, and interworking with third-party network elements and applications. Match the pace of business success. Software and system expansion modules enable you to grow naturally as your business needs change, both in capacity and capabilities. Migrate to convergence in phases from today’s hybrid environment to pure IP. Whether you’re ready for convergence today or a year from now, your options will be open and your investment secure.

Project a corporate-caliber image at a small-business price
Affordable Business Communications Manager Platforms, scaled for small to medium-sized organizations, come preloaded with hundreds of features and a full suite of integrated applications. As your business grows and its needs evolve, you can activate more capabilities just by entering a key code. Consider the possibilities:

• One of the industry’s largest portfolio of telephony features — more than 400 in all — processes calls with exceptional reliability, efficiency and flexibility. You can be sure that all callers receive prompt, professional treatment. Employees enjoy convenience, productivity and control features that reduce phone tag and frustration.

• Messaging enables callers to leave important information on a mailbox for a selected user, department or groups of users. The system adds call information, such as calling line ID, time and date of the call and priority level. Employees can record their own personalized greetings and enjoy password-protected access to their messages from anywhere.

Buy only what you need today. Expand as needed.

Add capacity. It’s easy to add incoming lines or user extensions as you need them. You can buy only the ports you need today, and activate additional ports later by downloading a simple key code or adding a media module. When you need more capacity than the base unit, the Business Communications
Manager 400 platform can scale from 20 to 200 ports in various combinations of lines, trunks and extensions.

Add capabilities.

Since all features and applications are pre-loaded onto your Business Communications
Manager system, these too can be easily activated through the use of a simple keycode. If you’re not sure which applications are right for your business, Avaya makes it easy to decide by offering a 60-day free trial for most applications, from messaging to IP trunking for networking between sites.

Upgrade without an overhaul.

Through open standards and an “evergreen” development strategy, Business Communications Manager platforms fit well in hybrid environments that contain a mix of traditional, digital, IP and wireless services. And since they interwork with other Avaya solutions, you have a smooth migration
path to pure IP solutions.

Easy to install. Easy to manage.

For administrators and users alike, the phone system should be almost invisible — a no-worry, no-hassle conduit for all the critical information flow of business. True to that proposition, Business Communications Manager Systems are straightforward, reliable, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use.
Simplify administration with integrated management tools.
 Installation and configuration are a snap; user is enabled to quickly and easily manage all Business Communications Manager Platforms across the organization. You can monitor and program the entire
system, with its many capabilities, from just a few windows of the browser-based software, which can be securely accessed over the company intranet or the Internet.

Easily manage large, distributed networks.

If your enterprise network includes hundreds or even thousands of Business Communications Manager
systems, you can manage those systems efficiently from a central location. The
Avaya  Network Configuration Manager helps you create and maintain a centralized database of system configurations, so it’s fast and easy to bring new systems online, back-up system information, and restore system information from archived data.

Take advantage of centralized applications.

You can further streamline network administration by centralizing applications for messaging and management, and distributing those capabilities over your IP network. Your organization benefits from
standard greetings, global administration and a consistent interface and experience across the entire network.

Integrate telephony and data with one cost-effective device.

Avaya Business Communications Manager systems combine the best elements of high-end digital PBX phone systems, cutting-edge convergence solutions and robust data networking in one platform. By integrating advanced data networking and comprehensive telephony features in a single platform, Business Communications Manager delivers a level of system integration and flexibility rarely seen in the industry. Combine this with quick setup and ease of operation, and this solution is clearly the logical choice for your business.

Meteor Telecommunications and Customer

MeteorTelecommunications provides business with Avaya/Nortel product line. We are an experienced professionals when it comes to implementing Avaya/Nortel products and solutions, we’ve proved our success with Avaya/Nortel portfolio implementation with many existing customers choosing Avaya/Nortel for their business, we’ve added many and continuing to grow our client group. We provide our services from several locations:  Brampton (head office), Ottawa, Hamilton in Ontario, and many other locations all over the Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 595-4444. We look forward to working with you and helping to decrease your communications costs.